NHS Induction 2019


Lia Sanchez

NHS board member Lia Sanchez, Mindy Miranda, Ellie Morris and Isabel Jaen pose for a picture after induction.

On Tuesday April 30, National Honor Society (NHS) members of all grade levels gathered in the auditorium to be officially inducted into the club. Those who completed 30 hours of community service and exemplified the traits of scholarship, character, service and leadership were invited to celebrate their accomplishments as role models both in the school and their community.

The National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization that commends outstanding high school students. Among one of the largest clubs of the school, Coral Gables Senior High’s NHS is proud of its many members and their efforts to contribute to their school and community. To officially become a member of the club, thus gaining full recognition by the organization, one must maintain above a 3.0 GPA and complete community service. The induction ceremony served to celebrate and praise those students who met these requirements, and share their accomplishments with family and friends.

Angelle Garcia
The 2018-2019 NHS Board.

“I thought the ceremony was very nice and well organized. It felt good to be recognized for our hard work,” sophomore Nataly Rabelo said.

The ceremony began with an encouraging speech from Mr. Costas, thanking the parents in the audience for motivating and allowing their children to be the best they can be. He shared his pride in Gables students, who always surpass expectations and put forward their maximum effort in everything they do. This year’s NHS co-presidents Angelle Garcia and Marina Torras followed, giving a heartwarming speech sharing their experience leading such an amazing group of students and thanking Ms. Landsea, NHS sponsor, for her unwavering support.

After some encouraging speeches on behalf of the 2018-2019 board, inductees were called on stage. One by one, students were called on stage and handed a certificate recognizing their efforts in school and in the community. Once all names had been called and all newly inducted members were on stage, they recited the NHS pledge that goes as follows: “I pledge to uphold the high purpose of the National Honor Society to which I have been selected; I will be true to the principles for which it stands; I will be loyal to my school, and will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.”

As the ceremony came to a close and students walked off stage and back to their seats, the much anticipated moment of announcing the following school year’s NHS board arrived. The 2019-2020 board was decided as follows:


Ana Capiro and Estelle Erwich


Isabel Jaen

Senior Secretaries:

Christopher Brazda and Jonathan Mesa

Junior Secretaries: 

Adriana Ramirez

Hanna Ebrahimi

Sophomore Secretaries:

Lia Sanchez

Chloe Grant


Annie La Roche

Samantha Gazda

Club Coordinators:

Ellie Morris

Jonathan Rodriguez

Penny Richards


Mathilde Requier

Lucas Gonzalez

“It was a very nice ceremony and I am excited to be a part of the board so I can help coordinate community service events and help the world around me,” junior Jonathan Rodriguez said.

The ceremony was concluded with a thank you to Ms. Landsea on behalf of the current and future NHS presidents. Students exited the auditorium brimming with pride and excitement ready to enjoy the lovely reception outside. Congratulations to the newly inducted members of NHS for their dedication to academics as well as service. Best of luck to the new board who is sure to do great things this following school year.