News at a Glance: Nov 25- Dec 1

Daniela Parra Del Riego, Staff Writer

Read below to see what happened this week:

Local News:

  • On Saturday, Nov.24, the University of Florida (UF) football team beat the Florida State University (FSU) football team 41-14. This victory came as a surprise to many because this was their first win in five years against FSU, their main rivals. The large gap in the score left everyone shocked and UF fans were thrilled with the eventful win.

    Natalia Rodriguez
    Eager fans were ready to see how this rivalry game would play out.
  • Knaus Berry Farm is finally open! Located in Homestead, the farm is a local staple for the warm Miami winter. They offer a variety of bakery items and “u-pick” fruit, making it a favorite for the joyous season. While the location is quite far from Gables High, the trek is worth it for many Cavaliers. “I love Knaus berry farm, and I always enjoy going with my friends on our days off. The comfort food goes perfectly with the Christmas season,” freshman Jana Faour said.

National News:

  • Tear gas shot at Mexicans at the border sparked outrage across the U.S., and many believe that President Trump’s immigration rhetoric is to blame. His strong opposition of the incoming migrant caravan has been a source of contention and debate in the nation and polarized immigration through the U.S.-Mexico Border. The immigrants were hit with what Trump called a “very minor form” of tear gas, but sources report the gas was felt over hundreds of feet away.
  • After 150,000 acres of land burned, 88 dead and 200 missing, and many properties being burned, the California wildfires have been pacified and containedMany celebrities and other wealthy entities have pledged hefty donations to help restore the land, nature, and properties of the area, creating hope in the wake of tragedy.

International News:

  • John Allen Chau, a United States citizen, was shot overseas after he attempted to illegally contact the remote North Sentinel Island. The island, located in the Indian Ocean, is the home to a historically violent isolated tribe known as the Sentinelese that resist outside interference. Officials also urge people to stay out of the island, as the natives could be infected with deadly diseases which most mainland citizens would have no immunity to. Chau reportedly was on a mission to spread Christianity to the Sentinelese, and illegally hired fishermen to take him to the secluded island, even after being warned to not go by Indian officials.
  • The 13th session of the Group 20 (G20) meeting is scheduled to occur Nov. 30-Dec. 1, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The agenda includes items for discussion such as sustainable food for the future and cryptocurrency. Resolutions are foreseeable, and because the G20 consists of some of the most ‘powerful’ nations in the world, many expect for other nations to follow their lead.

Space News:

  • NASA landed its InSight Lander on Mars on Nov. 27, a monumental accomplishment for the space community. The expensive piece of machinery was sent to help NASA get better information on the red giant. While NASA does not yet know what coordinates the robot lies on, they have received pictures of the surface which came as a relief after such a risky expedition.

Meme Culture:

  • All over social media, people are taking notice of a 2010 viral video that shows the medical advancements of “da Vinci Surgery.” This video resurfaced after an Instagram user shared the video and captioned it “They did surgery on a grape.” While it had an educational purpose, the video has led to a chain of entertaining memes that reference the original. “After seeing this meme pop up on my timeline multiple times, I had to look up what this meme was. When I found out, I was both enraged by its simplicity and intrigued by its basic nature,” junior Jorge Valero said.