Finding the Right Fit: College Fair 2018

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

Excitement fills the air as students eagerly file into the gym; the college fair has just begun. One of the most renowned and anticipated events of the year, it helps juniors and seniors resolve the indecisiveness and relieve some of the anxiety they face throughout the college application process. Each year, college representatives from across the country travel all the way to Gables, offering students a glimpse of what their schools have to offer.

This year’s event hosted over 75 colleges and universities, spanning across cities from as far away as Berkeley, to our own city of Miami. The variety and diversity of the institutions in attendance truly gave students a comprehensive look at the different types of colleges that are found throughout America: from prestigious Ivy Leagues such as Harvard and Dartmouth to top-ranking state schools such as Purdue and the University of Florida to local community colleges such as Miami Dade College. Students also had the chance to interact with the admissions representatives from each school which gave students the unique opportunity to ask the representative the questions they just can’t seem to find answers to.

“We had to make sure we provided the optimum environment for college reps to answer student’s questions about college. I feel that it is valuable to speak to someone representing the college in person, they can provide more valuable insight than any website can. This year’s college fair was very popular with the college reps, allowing us to continue our great tradition of success next year,” senior Kade Mariott said.

The college fair’s success is attributable to the tireless efforts of both the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and College Assistance Program (CAP). Mrs. Stack, the CAP advisor, worked closely with the board of the PTSA to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Culinary students prepared lunches for the college representative while a band performed and filled the room with music; it is no wonder the college representatives always rave about our college fair.

”I would say the fair was very well organized, very well attended, and the students had good questions. I was glad that I was able to be here,” Purdue college representative Susie Saberniack said.

After attending the college fair, students definitely left with a deeper understanding of the world of possibilities that is open to them regarding their futures. From discovering colleges they had never heard of to connecting with the representatives of their dream school, the college fair is truly an amazing experience for any college bound student.