Congratulating the Class of 2018


Andres Velasco

After four long years of hard work and dedication, the class of 2018 graduated.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

On Wednesday May 31, the class of 2018 gathered as a group for the last time to celebrate their graduation. The ceremony was held at the Watsco Center in the University of Miami, and parents, teachers and family filled the seats of the gym, eager to see their loved ones cross the stage.

The event began at 3 p.m., the crowd erupting as the graduating class entered, dressed in their caps and gowns. Following their academies, the seniors filed in and took their seats. Our principal, Mr. Costa, gave some welcoming remarks, applauding the seniors for their hard work, and introducing the distinguished guests. Among the distinguished guests present at the ceremony were Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, school board member Mari Tere Rojas, and the many principal’s from Gables’ elementary and middle feeder schools.

“Gables has been like a second home for four years, so it’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m very happy to move on to college and experience new things next year,” senior Lior Colina said.

After a performance from graduating chorus members, school board member Rojas gave an inspirational speech that not only congratulated the students for their dedication, but also encouraged them to pursue their dreams no matter how unrealistic they may seem. Superintendent Carvalho gave a emotive speech as well, rousing the audience with his powerful rhetoric and conveying the importance of striving to make a difference in the world.

Student council president Alyssa Lamadriz and Senior class president Savannah Payne also gave moving speeches, praising the class of 2018 for their countless accomplishments and wishing them the best in all of the future endeavors.

“Graduating was definitely the highlight of my year. Crossing that stage gave me such a feeling of accomplishment, especially after four years of hard work,” senior Catherine Healy said.

Finally, after patiently waiting for four years, the seniors got up and crossed the stage; the class of 2018 received their diplomas and officially began a new chapter in their lives.

We wish the class of 2018 the best of luck in their lives and are grateful for their contributions to the school. As they move on in life and go separate ways, they will always remember: Go Cavs!