Christ Journey Partners with IBHS for Beautification


Vanessa Grau

CGHS students and Christ Journey members come together through City Serve to make improvements to the school.

Vanessa Grau, Staff Writer

Coral Gables Senior High partnered with Christ Journey in a volunteering event on Saturday, Oct. 14 that aimed to improve the physical features of the school. Christ Journey is a Christian church in Miami that helps serve the community through ongoing local projects in schools, parks, and beaches. The ongoing projects and events that the church partakes in are part of a program called City Serve, which, along with International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS), was responsible for organizing the beautification and clean up of the school. Current Gables students, alumni and families from all around Miami volunteered their time to participate in this event.

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  • Students show team work as they work towards a common goal.

  • Families work together to plant new plants on the exterior of the school.

  • Students and families work together to get the job done.

  • Students dig a hole in the ground where a new plant will go.

  • Other students organize the equipment room in the gym.

  • Students get their hands dirty as they landscape around the school.

  • Students and City Serve volunteers work together to landscape.

  • Teacher and student work in unison to remove this plant that is to be replanted elsewhere.

  • Gables students and alumni lend a helping hand.

“As a member of Christ Journey Church, I’ve seen the congregation reach out to the community in countless ways. I’ve been a part of local and global service missions and the church has provided me with amazing opportunities to give back to my community and world. It was awesome that the school and Christ Journey were able to connect so we could organize a City Serve here,” sophomore Estelle Erwich said. 

Gables was chosen to be the school which City Serve would volunteer at mainly because of Mrs. Harley, a PTSA parent volunteer, and alumni whose three children either graduated from or are currently attending Gables as well. She is extremely grateful to the home that this school has provided for both her and her children, so she persuaded her church to host the beautification event at Gables.  She wanted her community and church to come together to beautify the campus and improve it for all who participate in the school in any way.

“Gables always makes me feel welcome and secure, so the fact that I could do something for it made me really happy. I think it was worth coming out on the weekend to help CGHS because now the school is even more beautiful and others can enjoy it more and feel better when they come in the morning and see the campus and how much it has changed,” freshman Lisbeth Martinez said.

When the IBHS sponsor, Mrs. Noval, who is also a part of Christ Journey, heard about City Serve coming to her school, she decided to volunteer her time and recruit some of her students to help out as well. Student volunteers helped with many tasks that needed to be done around the school alongside the City Serve Leaders. Students and families took part in landscaping by digging holes and planting new plants. Others organized the equipment room in the gym and fixed shelves. The professionals painted doors around the school. Most importantly, they picked up debris around the school that was left by the hurricane. Overall, CGHS is very thankful for the hard work and dedication that members of Christ Journey and students put into helping the Gables community.