The First 100 Days


Nigel Parry for CNN

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have outlined their plans for their first 100 days in office.

Natalia Torres, Staff Writer

Throughout a rather extensive yet interesting campaign season, both the 2016 presidential Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, have outlined what they plan to do during the first 100 days of their presidency.  They both plan to keep very busy and tackle many important issues in their first few months in office.  Trump aims to “Make America Great Again” by taking it in the opposite direction of the Obama Administration.  He believes Clinton represents another four years of President Obama and vows to make sure that does not become a reality.  Clinton aims to govern all Americans, those who voted for her and did not.  She wishes to “reach out to Republicans” in order to make everyone feel included in her presidency.

Mr. Trump’s strategy is to “drain the swamp,” a phrase he uses to refer to the his plan to reduce corruption in government.  This goes hand-in-hand with his plan to reform or replace policies that the Obama Administration set in place, seeing as he considers President Obama and his administration a symbol of corruption in Washington D.C.  These reforms would take place after the first day of him being in office.  He has ambitious plans for his initial day of presidency, including: repealing and replacing Obamacare, suspending the admission of Syrian refugees, ordering a review of every single regulation issued during President Obama’s governance, beginning construction of a wall along the Mexican border and getting rid of international gangs of thugs and drug cartels, among a lengthy list of strategies.

The former Secretary of State, rather than attempting to tackle an exorbitant amount of problems on her first day, promised the American people that she will make sure they know that she is everyone’s President. Her vow to have an inclusive presidency involves nominating a Cabinet as diverse as the people in the country, with an equal number of men and women.  Apart from attempting to diversify government, Clinton has said she will appoint a justice for the Supreme Court with “real life experience.”  Her strategies in terms of foreign policy and immigration will include introducing “comprehensive immigration reform” and strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel.  Additionally, Mrs. Clinton plans to negotiate with Russia and Syria to establish no-fly zones in order to provide zones on the ground for safety, raise the federal minimum wage, make changes to the Affordable Care Act, and address student loan debt by reducing interest loans on federal loans.

“In Clinton’s first 100 days, if she is elected, I would like her to start laying the foundation for her plan in terms of the economy and figure out an effective way to combat terrorism, specifically ISIS, if not totally eradicate their threat, which I realize is very difficult and highly unlikely” sophomore Dylan Carol said.

The candidates continue exchanging insults in their respective campaign trails, even less than a week before the election.  The American people have begun to vote, and knowing what the Democratic and Republican candidates plan to do in the first three months of their presidency, if elected, could sway their vote.  As of a week before the debate, Clinton is leading in the mock polls, although it is a narrow lead.  On Nov. 8, the United States will find out in which direction it will be headed starting on Jan. 20.