What Is New at Gables?


A set of TVs are added to the front of school inorder to provide guests with the latest updates!

Mia Galex, Staff Writer

Coral Gables Senior High School is one of the oldest schools in Miami. The school, founded in 1948 has become more difficult to maintain. However, this year, new changes are in store.  We sat down with Mr. Evans, one of the school’s vice principals to see what this year has to offer.

Q: What changes has Gables made to improve the school over the summer?

A:  This summer in the auditorium, we got new seats over the balcony, we are getting a brand new stage, the back drop has been painted black and we are getting new wooden finishing to install. The second addition to the school are the television screens when you first come in the front of the school. Six panels have been installed together to show videos. They can also be separated to show information in the front.  If the installation of these televisions is successful then we will install more around the school.

Q: Do you have any plans to make any more additional changes to the school?

A: Around Christmas break we plan to make some changes in the library including new carpets, new ceilings, a new paint job. We are currently looking in to putting windows around the school.

Q: Did anything specific inspire these changes?

A: The building has been in use since 1948 therefore it is very old and requires constant upkeep.

Q: A lot of new teachers have come to Gables this year. What is your take on that?

A: We have twenty three new teachers this year in every department including math, English, languages, and over half of the physical education department is new.

The Academy of Finance has been a warm and receiving department to begin my career at Coral Gables High School. My students in the Academy of Finance, IB, and Business Management have been outstanding in many ways. Great school, great faculty and staff and wonderfully great students.”  -Mrs. Brown, new business teacher

“I have nineteen years of experience as a teacher. I have taught AP for fifteen years but IB is a new challenge for me. I feel very welcomed and every one has been very nice and my students have been extremely enthusiastic. I think it is going to be an excellent year.” -Madam Rouit- Gonzalez, new french teacher

Q: What do you think of this year’s freshman class?

A: This year the school made a very big effort to recruit the most possible students from a variety of middle schools around Miami- Dade County. We obviously succeeded because the class of 2020 has one hundred more students in their class than ever recorded in Gables history. So far the students look like a very strong class and I wish them the best of luck.