Space X Rocket Lands on a Boat


Viewers were excited to watch the historic landing.

Olivia Pelaez, Staff Writer

A Space X rocket landed on a drone ship in them middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Friday. The unmanned rocket, which launched form Cape Canaveral, marked history as it was able to land on a remote ship marking a great improvement in space travel technology.

“As a programmer, all I can say is that it’s astonishing and the amount of work that went into it must have been massive,” sophomore Connor Drucker said.

The private company Space X had its second successful landing of its Falcon 9 rocket that was set to drop off supplies at the International Space Station. In previous attempts, the rocket arrived to the boat, but couldn’t successfully land on it. This feat can amount to thousands of dollars saved in future launches. This can help make launches substantially less expensive as the multibillion dollar rockets can be reused, supplying more necessities to astronauts at the space station.

Space X claims that its next goal would be to land the rocket at the launch site, cutting down on costs of sending a rescue fleet of boats to recover the rocket. However, problems can arise as the rocket cannot sustain the amount of fuel necessary to make the longer flight back to the launch site. As improvements and breakthroughs in space travel continue to occur, more research and discoveries will be made in space, largely improving our understanding of space and beyond.

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