Crime in Miami


Art Basel is a popular art event with heavy security but heavy security but crime can always happened.

Olivia Pelaez, Staff Writer

Two major crimes happened this past weekend during Miami’s famous Art Basel, which consists of modern and contemporary art shows. At the event, which is considered the be relatively safe by most who go, a violent stabbing occurred. Miami Beach Police also fatally shot a man for suspected robbery, the news was covered nation wide and created controversy.

Friday night, a woman pulled out an X-Acto knife and stabbed another woman near one of the exhibits. The victim was stabbed once in the neck and once in the shoulder. Neither wound was fatal and the she was immediately taken to the hospital. Several bystanders took pictures and videos which were then posted online. Many visitors first believed that it was an exhibition and were shocked when they found out the stabbing was real.

“The event that happened at Art Basel this past weekend is quite catastrophic. It was a person coming to visit outside of the United States so it’s pretty upsetting that she got hurt. I don’t think it had anything to correlate with the art at all it was just a traumatic experience for her,” senior Julia Benitan said.

The security working  the event reacted quickly to react to the situation and treat the victim. The paramedics and police arrived quickly and caught the victim and arrested her, currently she has been charged with attempted murder. A spokeswoman for Art Basel explained that this was a rare event and that the event continues to be safe with high security and measures to ensure the well-being of all visitors. For more information click here.

The next day, a video was shot and posted online of a fatal police shooting in Miami Beach. The man who was killed had escaped a halfway house for prisoners, where he was completing a sentence of 151 months for bank robberies. The man was near a bank when the police arrived and he went into a nearby barber shop and returned without a shirt waving a razor in the air. The police tried to calm him down and get him to put down his weapon but after various times of refusal, the police shot him.

The police killed him with a rifle which generated controversy over why the police shot him with a rifle rather than a milder weapon such as a stun gun. The case is being reviewed by the Miami-Dade police as well as the FBI.  One of the police officers on the scene had a body cam which will largely help decipher what truly happened. For more information click here.