100+ Die in Paris Attacks



Rescue personnel work together in giving survivors medical treatment.

Catherine Healy, Business Manager

On Friday, Nov. 13, eight locations were attacked in Paris and surrounding areas; ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks soon after. The French authorities have put the death toll at 132 with 352 wounded, 99 in critical condition.

The deadliest attack was at the sold-out Eagles of Death Metal Concert in the Bataclan Theatre. Witnesses reported that four terrorist, armed with AK-47s, entered the concert hall, opened fire, and threw grenades at the audience resulting in 89 deaths.

Julien Pearce, a radio reporter who was inside the Bataclan, told Europe 1 radio, “It lasted for 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 horrific minutes when everybody was on the floor covering their heads and we heard so many gunshots, and the terrorists were very calm, very determined, and they reloaded three or four times their weapons.”

The terrorist held the survivors hostage for two hours after the carnage. During this time, French President, François Hollande, issued a state of emergency and closed France’s boarders. Around 12:15 a.m. French police charged on the Bataclan rescuing the remaining hostages and shooting one of the terrorist, the three others committed suicide by detonating explosive packs strapped to their bodies. Read more on the Bataclan attack here.

Outside of Stade de France, a soccer stadium where France was playing Germany, 4 people were killed by suicide bombers; the explosions were heard inside the stadium. President Hollande was attending the soccer match and was whisked away by his security detail after the explosions. For a video of the exact moment during the game where the explosion can be heard, click here.

Four restaurants were attacked in 15 minutes by what is suspected to be one team of assailants. The team drove to each location in a black Seat, which was found abandoned in Montreuil, one of the eastern suburbs of Paris. The abandoned vehicle contained 3 AK-47s. For a minute by minute account of the attacks, click here.

President Hollande has declared these attacks an act of war.