Gablettes Take First Place at Nationals


Mrs. Suarez

The entire team put forth maximum effort and achieved their ultimate goal, a national championship.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

On March 6, the Gablettes, headed to Orlando, Florida to compete in the National Dance Alliance (NDA) competition. The Gablettes prepared for nationals with weeks of practice before the competition and took home 1st in the Small Varsity kick and Junior Varisty kick categories. JV kick also earned specialty awards for innovative choreography, technical excellence and superior showmanship.

“It’s my first year as a Gablette and I’m so proud of all the girls. We worked really hard and though sometimes it seemed impossible, we overcame that,” freshman Grace Sedagahtpisheh said.

This has been the third consecutive year that the Gablettes have won at NDA. The ladies are proud of themselves, but mostly, grateful for a coach that pushes them to do their best, Mrs. Mo. This year, nationals seemed to be more special than other years, because they performed a completely different type of choreography from what they usually do, and the fact that they succeeded in doing so made it all the more special. Also, the Gablettes won their varsity title back, which hadn’t been done in over 13 years.

“Each year nationals is different but this one was definitely the best, not only because it was my senior year but because when we finished the dance we all knew we danced as one, something that is rarely experienced. Also, the song meant a lot to us,” senior Gablette Captain Carolina Cabello said.

The team plans to work even harder on their routines next year, hoping to receive higher awards and keep their 3 year streak of taking first place at nationals.