Senior at South Dade Senior High Chokes and Rapes Teacher


James Burke

Drawing depicting the silent torture of sexual assault victims.

Bhargavi Pochi, Staff Writer

According to CBS Miami, on Sept. 19, 2014, 18-year-old South Dade Senior High student, Victor Nash robbed, raped and choked a teacher. The unidentified teacher was allegedly staying after school on a Friday when Nash attempted to pull her closer towards him. When she rejected his advances and called for help, Nash knocked her unconscious. He then proceeded to rape her; afterwards he stole the teacher’s car keys and cell phone and took off. Five hours later, Nash was taken into custody.

Since Nash left substantial evidence behind, he was easily caught and charged with attempted first degree murder, sexual battery/victim physically incapacitated, strong-arm robbery and grand theft auto.

“It saddens me that a student is capable of doing that. I hope the perpetrator gets maximum sentence because there’s just no excuse for that. There definitely should have been more protection on the teacher’s part; so I think the school system failed her,” AP World History and AP Psychology teacher Mrs. Noval said.

Many students and staff are now questioning their safety. School is supposed to be a safe and educational place. With such a vicious crime occurring on school grounds, students are becoming weary. South Dade students, like sophomore Elizabeth Alfonso, were interviewed by CBS Miami about their feelings on the incident.

“I feel very scared. If a teacher can be sexually abused, imagine what it is for us as students,” Alfonso said.

This is not the only incident of sexual assault on school grounds, seeing as there are hundreds of school rape cases that have gone into the shadows. It is ultimately up to the students and staff to make school a safer place.