15 Injured in Liberty City Shooting


Alan Diaz// Associated Press

The City of Miami is investigating possible code violations at The Spot.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Along the worn-down storefronts and dilapidated homes in Liberty City, the deluge of gunfire has become an all-too-familiar occurrence. This neighborhood is considered one of the poorest and most dangerous in Florida. Last Sunday, Sept. 28, 15 people with ages ranging from 11 to mid-20s were taken to nearby hospitals after being shot and wounded at an adult nightclub.

According to the Miami Police Department, there was a party inside the club; it is still unclear as to why there were minors present at 1 a.m. The Spot is usually a nightclub restricted to children and teenagers, but it could also have been a special occasion. More than a day after the shooting, officials were still trying to decipher what terrible events took place at this time of the night.

“Shootings have become the norm, now especially in neighborhoods with low financial income. I am a little less surprised every time I hear about one,” Biology teacher Mr. Molina said.

Out of the 15 people who were shot and taken to the hospital, one of them was critically injured and his/her condition is currently unknown. There were two gunmen, one inside the club and one in a vehicle. Although it is not clear, there is still the possibility that this incident could be gang related.

“There were a lot of people outside. Some were helping their friends who had been shot,” Captain Ignatius Harold said.

Anyone who has any information about this tragic occurrence is asked to contact Miami Homicide or CrimeStoppers.