Promethean Board Hype


Mariam Ahumada

Ms. Verazain using the Promethean board to give a lecture.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

During the summer, new technological advancements were implemented at Gables in the form of Promethean Boards in all classes. Teachers have needed to adapt to new ways of conducting their classes and learn how to use the boards.

There’s no denying that some teachers aren’t as advanced technologically as others, and instead prefer their old fashioned ways of teaching.

“My first reaction about the Promethean Board was: why do they have to change the rules of the game?” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Verazain. “I feel as if they’ve given me a red Ferrari and I’m still in Drivers Ed.”

There are also teachers that are excited about the recent advancements and what they mean to students.

“The Promethean Boards are very advanced, so it’s definitely going to take a bit of time for some of us who aren’t as technologically savvy [to get used to them], but they have a lot of potential. They are a great way of incorporating technology into our teaching so that students can be more participatory in what we do. So I think it’s gonna be great, and I’m excited,” said Social Studies teacher Ms. Cosgrove.

Although teachers have different opinions on the recent changes, they all seem to agree that they’re definitely worth every struggle.

“Technology is the way of the future,” says Ms. Cosgrove. “Everything is becoming digitalized, so we also have to become digitalized. It has become fundamental that teachers learn [technology], and students learn to use it in their daily lives.”

Students have also realized this, and are excited to see how the Promethean Boards enhance their learning experiences.

“It’s a great new step into [having] a paperless school and it will introduce us to a whole new learning environment,” said sophomore Natalie Cueto.

Although learning how to use new technology has been difficult for teachers, adapting to the changes is going to be good for Gables in the long run.