Student Government and their Plans for Success


Jose Balcazar

The Senior Class of 2015 working diligently to create a memorable year.

Jose Balcazar, Editor

Most students define summer as the period of time when schoolwork is not a priority. This, however, is not representative of the entire school population. Some students including senior Allyssa Dobkins and junior Jordan Payne, believe that the summer is merely a time to continue schoolwork through student government. As presidents for their corresponding classes, Dobkins and Payne have worked on planning their class activities, including their Grad Bash and College Tour, respectively. Although Dobkins, Payne, and their corresponding board members understand the large amount of work involved in planning activities, they believe that these activities are an important way of boosting school morale and spirit.

With the end of the 2013-2014 school year, and the beginning of summer 2014, the Senior Board has already started to make decisions regarding their class shirts. As tradition goes, the senior class T-shirt is usually notorious for its witty and clever designs. Initially the senior class designed T-Shirts themselves, but due to class input, the board is now considering other designs. Using Facebook, the Senior Board, was able to hear comments and decided to tell the class that if they wanted to propose any new ideas, they could post their design on Facebook as well.

“We decided to give the students an opportunity to share their input, because we [The Senior Board] heard many different opinions on the class shirts,” Senior Class Treasurer Coby Sanchez said.

Unlike the Senior Board, the Junior Class Board has placed their focus in organizing the college tour. With her diligent board members, Payne has managed to plan the first out-of-state college tour. Despite facing challenges including lack of participation, the board managed to fill every slot for the out-of-state college tour, and has already begun contacting prospective schools including Duke University and The University of North Carolina- Chapell Hill.

“I am excited to organize a trip that will prove to be highly beneficial for my peers,” Junior Class Vice President Gabrielle Saliamonas said.

Both classes have proved to relentlessly work towards a similar goal. That is, creating a year with plentiful activities for their peers. Although each board member committed to working for the 2014-2015 school year, they understood that if they wanted to have a successful year, summer planning was critical.