From Prose Editor to Catharsis EIC: Marta Gonzalez-Camps


Courtesy of Marta Camps-Gonzalez

Editors in Chief Cheryl Fiffe and Marta Camps-Gonzalez preparing the Christmas tree as an activity part of Catharsis sharing day.

Alongside Cheryl Fiffe, International Baccalaureate senior, Marta Gonzalez-Camps is one of this year’s Catharsis Co Editor-in-Chiefs.  

Catharsis is one of the five publications at Coral Gables Senior High where students have the opportunity to publish original pieces, written in the genres of prose, poetry and drama, all of which are accompanied by art created by the layout editors. These written and art pieces are later published in the Catharsis literary magazine and sold to Cavaliers throughout the school year.

Gonzalez-Camps always wanted to have a safe place where she could hone her writing skills. After having a heartfelt conversation with her counselor, Mrs. Lezcano, during her freshman year, she decided to take a leap of faith and apply to Catharsis for the position of staff writer. During her first year in the publication, her most notable pieces were a poem called “Yearn for the Rain” and a drama piece titled “Coffee and Tea”. 

The most important part of being an EIC is making sure that everyone can take the opportunity that the magazine provides and express themselves in an environment that promotes growth. I want my writers and artists to be recognized for their incredible work in competitions. I also want to be able to publish a magazine at the end of the year which we are proud of as a team

— senior Marta Gonzalez-Camps

“As this school year’s EIC, I inspire anyone that is interested in any form of expressive art to join Catharsis because it is an outstanding publication to meet people with similar interests and work together to develop skills either in writing or in art,” senior Gonzalez-Camps said. 

After a year of writing for the publication, she took the initiative of becoming Catharsis’ poetry editor during her junior year. As an editor, she was able to learn the ropes of running the literary magazine. She found a balance between giving edits and simultaneously allowing her writers’ voices to shine through. Additionally, she is also proud of the work she produced as a poetry editor; a poem called “Switched Lenses” and a prose piece called “Whale Graveyard”.  

“Marta is the calm before the storm. She works really well with our other EIC Cheryl Fiffe and editors in the Catharsis so, that as a whole we can get things done within the publication,” Mr.Rodriguez said.

Towards the end of last school year, Gonzalez-Camps experienced the exciting process of publishing both written and art pieces, hence the reason she made the choice to apply for the EIC position. Now, alongside Fiffe, her responsibilities within the publication have amplified.

Head of the publication, she profoundly enjoys assisting the staff in any way possible and ensuring that they receive the necessary support needed for them to do their best.  With the first edition of the year already published, Catharsis continues to spotlight the voices under the leadership of Camps-Gonzalez.