Supervising Projects of the Future, Christina Weckel Becomes a Knight


Courtesy of Christina Weckel

Eager to study a familiar type of engineering, senior Christina Weckel is proudly blossoming into a future Knight.

Andres Rodriguez, Sports Editor

Who does one aspire to be when they grow up? Christina Weckel and other high school seniors across the nation have begun to answer that same question. Unveiling an interest for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Weckel draws the line back to her mother as her source of inspiration. She is prepared to forge new paths at the University of Central Florida this upcoming fall, where she intends to study civil engineering.

“Civil engineering is a broad profession that can split off into different things like construction, structural and waterways. I chose this major since there are a lot of options,” senior Christina Weckel said.

The younger twin by 15 minutes, Weckel mustered her passion for STEM by seeing her family in action. Her mother tends to clients and hires companies to repair any structural damage to a building. Weckel’s father, on the other hand, specializes in Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning which requires more manual work.

Christina has always been dedicated, she comes in ready to learn. This was not an easy class, IB Chemistry. So I really admired that she would still prioritize it and always put her best forward, you know, like, make sure she asked questions when she was last not be not feel shamed or embarrassed if she didn’t understand something go out of her way to find time to study in between classes or after a test in another class.,

— Ms. Kiely

Sometime in high school, Weckel noticed a potential interest for mathematics by meeting teachers like Ms. Prado in the International Baccalaureate Analysis and Approaches class. However, it was fundamentally because of her mother’s occupation that she began to delve deeper into civil engineering.

“I mean, [my career path] is something that I can easily talk about with my mom. She would be able to help me later on and just like, give me advice on what I should do,” senior Weckel said.

As of right now, Weckel is keen on learning how buildings are modeled and using design programs to plan construction. Civil engineers play an important role in means of transportation but the Cavalier prefers blueprints and overseeing projects of the future. Keeping an eye out for any internships during college, Weckel is currently uncertain where her STEM path will take her.

“Well, I think civil engineering is an important part of modern day life since it creates buildings, roads, bridges and even airports. So, it plays a big role in transportation,” senior Weckel said.

Narrowing her options to in-state schools, Weckel filled out the application to UCF and was notified of her acceptance early in November. Throughout the four year civil engineering program, she will take prerequisite courses such as Calculus I, Calculus II and other math classes. On the verge of receiving her high school diploma, Weckel is grateful for IB and the college readiness it provided.

“Math wise, Ms. Prado is an amazing teacher and she really helped me like math and understand it more. And chemistry too I mean, it is not so much math but I enjoy being around Ms. Kiely because she is kind and really helpful,” senior Weckel said.

One step ahead her peers, Weckel intends to join a club and interact with other students at UCF. She is also looking forward to gaining some independence from her family, by partaking in the off-campus excursions of Central Florida.

Striving for her bachelor’s degree in engineering, Weckel plans to relish every second of life with family, friends and most importantly, her brother.

“Some people think it’s a big deal if twins go to different colleges but I don’t think it changes anything. I’m still going to talk [with my brother] and that’s awesome,” senior Weckel said.