The “Soul” of Pixar


Alexander Tabares

The newest Disney Pixar movie sees a middle school jazz teacher try to reconnect his soul and body in order to play jazz.

Alexander Tabares, Staff Writer

Release Date: Dec. 25, 2020

Cast: Jamie Foxx (Joe Gardner), Tina Fey (22), Daveed Diggs (Paul), Sam Lavagnino (Allan)

Director: Pete Docter

Rating: PG

Our Grade: A+

Released exclusively on Disney Plus, the newest Disney Pixar movie portrays a middle school jazz teacher named Joe Gardner try to reunite his soul with his body before his big break as a jazz musician. The mix of Pixar’s beautiful animation and witty dialogue make this movie fun for anyone, regardless of age. There is also a beautiful message that can positively impact all age groups, despite it being unsubtly referenced many times.

Pixar continues to outdo themselves when it comes to pushing the limits of animation. From their first short film, The Adventures of Andre and Wally B, released more than thirty years ago, they have been improving their animation and style. All of that hard work is shown off in Soul. The scenery looks completely realistic, and though the characters are cartoony, they are meticulously detailed. This makes the film downright beautiful, with a beautiful mix of realism and imagination that sweep the viewer into the world and story.

Dialogue in a kids animated movie is generally simplistic and unappealing to teens and adults. Soul changes this dynamic, including some jokes that most likely go over kid’s heads to keep older people entertained for the full 107 minutes of screen time. Despite this, there is an abundance of jokes that make this movie hilarious for children. This balance differentiates Soul from other kids movies like it, in that it appeals to all audiences.

“I was surprised by how many jokes were geared more towards adults and young adults. It being an animated movie for kids, I was shocked by how funny I found it,” sophomore Parker Grossman said.

Many Pixar movies have a moral or message to give to viewers; Soul is no different. Although the message is blatantly stated multiple times in the film, it does not take away from its importance. This message, to appreciate the little things in life, is important for anyone, regardless of situation. The story shows how much a different outlook can change someone’s life.

“Inside Out, Coco and Soul may be the most profound movies that Pixar have ever made. Behind the great cast and animation is a message that many can lose sight on. Your passion is not your purpose in life; you are more than your passion,” sophomore Nathaniel Leiva said.

Fantastical and creative, the story of a middle school jazz teacher trying to connect his soul and body in order to continue living is captivating. Coupled with the beautiful pixar animation and appeal to all age groups, Soul cements itself as one of the greatest Disney Pixar movies.

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