All This Time: an Underrated Gem


Alejandra Dellano

The alluring cover art displays an hour glass with 2 characters appearing in it.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

“All This Time” is an exclusive book at Barnes and Noble that was released on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 by the same number one No. 1 New York Times best-selling authors who composed “Five Feet Apart.” Mikki Daughtry’s & Rachael Lippincotts novel is a heart-touching romance that follows around the Protagonist Kyle and his loss after a tragic car crash that leaves him unknowing of what to do next. We see Kyle lose interest in daily activities, his typical happy-go-lucky attitude is watered down by the recent tragedy he endures.

No one around him seems to know how to help him cope and properly deal with his emotions, so he is left to fend for himself. In addition to the already trauma-inducing accident, Kyle begins to see glimpses of his past flashing in and out of his mind that come to creep in on him. Everything seems to be looking down for Kyle, up until he meets Marley.

Although I haven’t quite finished the book yet, I know this will already become one of my favorites.

— Erika De Armas

The way they met was not ideal but nonetheless, their connection was undeniable. As you read further you begin to feel for the characters on an emotional level as once they began steadily opening up to each other. The thrilling adventures they go through are heartfelt and feel almost too good to be true. The plot twist is beyond shocking and creates tension unlike any other.

“I am not a huge romance fan when it comes to picking out books but this book caught my eye while I was browsing through some books. I recommend it if you have the money and time to go out and give it a try,” freshman Leeanna Anderson said.

This beautifully-crafted book is perfect for when you need a fun and entertaining distraction from social media and want to settle down with an easy-going book.

As you read through the pages it is apparent that the way the novel is structured is fast-paced and easy to go through for the readers. The straightforward dialogue throughout the book makes you feel comfortable and satisfied, while the raw emotion of the plot twists towards the end of the book will have those reading it on the edge of their seats in awe to see what will happen next.

When reading through this book the extraordinary storytelling made it hard to critique; although it has fundamental romance clichés, it found a way of creating a refreshing feel that is unlike anything else. “All this time” is a phenomenal novel that does not hold back on giving the readers what they want.