Natalie Abrahantes Shares Her Passion For Gables


Natalie Abrahantes

Natalie Abrahantes co-drew the images for the CavsConnect and CavsTV staff.

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer

After a long day of school, senior Natalie Abrahantes heads home alongside her peers. However, she does not leave her dedication and school spirit behind in her classrooms. Instead, Abrahantes carries her passion for Coral Gables with her at all times and dedicates her time giving back to the community that helped her flourish.

As she adjusted to an unfamiliar environment, Abrahantes was not fond of Gables, but as she began joining extracurriculars, she was able to find her passion and a community where she feels at home. During her junior year, she was a part of CavsConnect and now has the role of editor-in-chief of CavsTv. CavsTV, the school’s video production class, was partly founded due to Abrahantes’ love of design which she discovered by taking on small design tasks for CavsConnect. As her love and passion for design grew, so did the urge to help others grow their skills. Her determination led her to agree to start up CavsTV alongside other seniors. Abrahantes truly feels the happiest doing what she loves and helping other people build their design skills.

“CavsTV is honestly my home at Gables, if you want to see me when I am the happiest you can find me in room 9221 during my sixth period,” senior Natalie Abrahantes said.

Abrahantes is not only part of CavsTV, but she is also the spanish editor for CavsConnect, student council treasurer, secretary of academics for student activities, president of the National English Honor Society and an active member for both the International Baccalaureate Honors Society and National Honors Society. She has a dedication and love for Gables that allows her to be such an inspirational and committed student with a lot of knowledge to share among her peers.

Sadly, due to COVID-19 her senior year has not been as expected and that can sometimes be a downer. However, Abrahantes does not allow these barriers to stop her from trying her best every day. For example, she felt inspired to create a website to provide middle schoolers with crucial information about Gables in hopes to recruit them. She made sure to include pep rally photos, the variety of academic programs, sports and clubs we offer as well as inspirational videos from Gables alumni.

I often joke with Mrs. Passwaters and tell her to hold me back a year because I can not imagine not coming to Gables everyday. I love it here,

— senior Natalie Abrahantes

When Abrahantes looks back at her last three years at Gables, it seems that most of her best memories were simple times when she would just laugh and enjoy herself while working with her friends. Whether it was setting up activities for clubs or simply being in the activities classroom, she would always have a smile on her face. Abrahantes was able to find her voice by getting involved and creating a path where she feels supported along the way and that is what truly has defined her experience at Gables. She shares her journey through Gables in an effort to motivate students to find their special place here as well.

As for her future, Abrahantes plans on majoring in public relations and minoring in business. As she is an ambitious and dedicated person, she hopes to own a public relations company which will allow her to continue doing the two things she loves: designing and creating. As Abrahantes pursues her goals, she wants to show the Gables community that you can use your talent or passion to give back to those who helped you and get yourself involved.