The Unknown Benefits of Being a Student PTSA Member


Ariana Alvarez

PTSA uniform sales at Coral Gables Senior High during summer of 2020.

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

Part of being a student in high school is gaining life skills and being exposed to new experiences. There are many ways a student would achieve these, most would join an honors society or club. However, very few consider becoming a student member of the Parent Teacher Student Association despite the many benefits that come with being a student in the organization.

Student members of the PTSA are not in charge of organizing the school events nor can they be on the board, but they help those that are on the board and with the organization of the school events. Some events or activities students most often take part in are the school uniform sales, College Fair, teacher appreciation events, collections such as the Bahama Relief and reviewing the financial books for the end-of-the-year audit. Furthermore, the students are also encouraged to attend the PTSA to simply observe and or participate.

The Coral Gables High School PTSA is purely voluntarily driven. For the adult members, nothing is given in return for those hours spent volunteering, but student members receive service hours which is a requirement for high school. As our PTSA is in charge of organizing and running school events, they are always open to anyone who is interested in lending a helping hand. As a student member of the PTSA, you can take part in the setting up or running of these events in return for service hours.

“It is a good way to be involved in school. You can create connections and it helps get your hours,” sophomore Grace Urbita said.

In addition to gaining community service hours, student members of the PTSA gain skills and are exposed to new situations that prepare them for their future past high school. When a student member helps put together these school events, they are being taught basic event planning skills. If they are taking part in the uniform sales, organized entirely by PTSA, they are strengthening their socializing skills. A student member in the PTSA has the ability to participate in a variety of events that each strengthen different skills.

“I am new to Gables so I thought joining the PTSA would be the best way to meet people. It is a great way to get work done along with getting nice benefits like volunteer hours,” freshman Mercedes James said.

PTSA student members that are actively involved can gain experience in leadership, advocacy, public speaking, teamwork, event planning – all while improving Gables. 

— President Kristina Jackson

The senior student members of the PTSA are able to apply for the Miami-Dade PTSA one thousand dollar scholarship. This is an example of one of the many opportunities that being a student in the PTSA can get you.

These are only some of the countless benefits there are to being a student in the PTSA organization. If you are looking to be involved with your school and community, give it a try! You will not regret it. If you are interested in joining the Coral Gables Senior High School PTSA, all you have to do is go to the PTSA’s website, go to “STORE”, then click on the left side for “MEMBERSHIPS”, then select “STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS” and pay the eight dollar entrance fee.