Top Three Virtual Icebreaker Games for Connection During COVID


Audrey Simon

Each of these games is free and can be found easily online.

Audrey Simon, Staff Writer

Since school has begun, students have mostly been communicating through Zoom. Both teachers and students have found it difficult to establish a good relationship with each other since we are no longer in a classroom setting where it is easy to communicate. Since Zoom can be a bit awkward at times, some classes have tried to bring back the classroom energy by playing virtual games to help break the ice. Down below are the top three virtual icebreaker games:

Rating: A+

Coming in first place as the best virtual icebreaker game is Drawasaurus . Drawasaurus is a website that is basically virtual Pictionary. One person draws and the rest of the competitors have to guess what that person is drawing. To earn points, you can either guess drawings correctly or have your drawings guessed accurately by others. Once everyone has drawn, the person with the most points wins. Although Drawasaurus does not have the best quality, it is still simple and fun to use. A major plus is that it can host up to sixteen players at once, which is ideal for bigger classrooms.

“I think virtual games are a great way to get people talking during zooms. I especially love the game Drawasaurus because it is a simple yet very fun game to play with my fellow classmates,” sophomore Karina Leon said.

Code Words
Rating: A

The second best virtual icebreaker game is Code words. Code words is a fun and intellectually challenging game, making it a perfect icebreaker for Zoom. Players are split up into two teams, red and blue. There are several cards with different words placed on the screen and each team has one code master who gives hints as to which cards to select. Choosing a card correctly earns points for the team. Once a team successfully selects all of their cards, they win. Though this game may be a little confusing at first, once you get the hang of it, it is very entertaining.

“Code words is one of my favorite virtual icebreakers because it is both an exciting and challenging game that is fun to play,” sophomore Sophie Gonzalez said.

Rating: B-

Last but not least is Scattergories. This is an amusing yet frustrating game to play. Each player has 60 seconds to name anything that starts with the chosen letter of the alphabet for six random categories. Once the timer is up, the host has to review all the answers and deem which ones are correct and which are incorrect. This can be time consuming and tedious for the host, but the game is still worth playing. After three rounds, the person with the most accurate answers overall wins. Even though the website is not the best quality and it can be hard for the host to manage, Scattergories is still an amazing game. It can host up to 45 people, meaning an entire class can enjoy it all at once without having to split people up.

These games are all perfect ways to get people talking during Zooms. Games make it easier for students and teachers to interact with each other and forget about schoolwork for a moment. So next time you are in class with unfamiliar people, suggest one of these games and wait for the friendships to form.