Who Will Be Mr. Coral Gables 2019?


Lilliana Bonner

Pictured above are last year’s top five ‘Mr. Coral Gables’ recipients.

Allison Cajina, Staff Writer

The ‘Mr. Coral Gables’ pageant takes place in our auditorium almost every year, giving male upperclassmen the opportunity to showcase their talents and personalities while competing to take the crown home. Each student represents various parts of student life like clubs, electives and sports.

The show consists of different segments, much like a pageant, where the contestants can achieve the titles ‘Best Talent’, ‘Mr. Congeniality’, and the one everyone wants to take home, ‘Mr. Coral Gables’.

The first part of the show is the catwalk portion, where the contestants are given the opportunity to strut their stuff, followed by the talent portion, where contestants can get creative and surprise the audience. Contestants also prepare a speech in which they address themselves to the audience and the judges.

In the beginning, all contestants participate, but as the competition goes on, the process of elimination narrows down the pool of contestants until there are only the top five contestants remaining.

The judges consist of Gables’ alumni who look for the contestant who most encapsulates the spirit of being a Cavalier, the true ‘Mr. Coral Gables’.

This year, some of our most well-known seniors have their eye on the prize. As it is their last year, they all strive to make unforgettable memories with their friends. Even if there is only one Mr. Coral Gables in the end, all of the contestants will win a special place in the audiences’ hearts.

Jeannette Perez
Senior August Field dressed up as CavMan at the Alma Mater pep-rally of the 2019-2020 school year.

“It is a really special event and I am just happy to be able to do it with a group of really great guys that I have gotten to know throughout my years at Gables,” senior August Field said.

August Field will be representing Best Buddies at the show and he is ecstatic to be a part of something where everybody can gather and enjoy. Field looks forward to every aspect of the competition, not paying attention to whether he wins or not.

Andres Velasco
Senior Billy Fay (right) is excited to represent Student Council in the ‘Mr. Coral Gables’ pageant.

Senior William “Billy” Fay will be representing the student body as Mr. Student Council. Fay does not view this show as a competition, but rather as a way for him to be able to bond with his fellow classmates and friends. He is most excited about learning the challenging choreography that is a crucial part of the group and personal dances.

“I think everyone is there for a good time. No one is overly competitive and it is going to be a great night,” senior Billy Fay said.

Senior Rodney Michel volunteering at the Miami-Dade County Basketball Skills Competition. You will not want to miss him at the pageant as Mr. IBHS!

Senior Rodney Michel will be representing the International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) as Mr. IBHS. Michel is most excited to show off his gifts in the talent portion of the show, although he does not want to spoil the surprise by revealing what he will be doing. He wants everyone to know it will be something original and hopes he has the abilities to pull it off. Michel believes that even though all the candidates want to win, at the end of the day they are all very close friends and are there to enjoy each others’ company.

“Last year was my first ‘Mr. Coral Gables’ show, but it was so much fun. I will for sure be attending this year as well,” sophomore Alana Fernandez said.

These are only a few of the several students who plan on competing for the title, and there are many more who will be showcasing their talents and surprises at the show. To experience the incredible show these students are going to put on, be sure to stay updated and listen to announcements for this school year’s ‘Mr. Coral Gables’ pageant!