Winners of Career Educations Club of Florida

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Recently, two seniors from Coral Gables Senior High (CGSH), who competed in the Career Educations Club of Florida, placed 1st and 3rd. Vanessa Molina won 3rd place in Human Resources and Ines Carvajal won 1st place in Fundamentals of Accounting.

Vanessa Molina is a senior in Visual Performing Arts (VPA) academy at CGSH. She participates in the on-the-job (OJT) program at CGSH, meaning the student leaves campus early to go work. Anybody who participates in the OJT program can sign up for any of the competitions, so one day Vanessa decided to try something new and sign up for the Human Resources online competition. The competition consists of answering multiple choice questions that revolve around human resources.

“I enjoy things I haven’t done before, so I wanted to try that,” said Molina. 

Although Molina is very knowledgable of this topic, she Molina conducts research online just to refresh her memory. She feels that she is her own mentor when it comes to motivating herself. 

“No one can motivate me more than myself. Im my real mentor, for example I prepare for the competition myself, without anybodies help,” said Molina.

Ines Carvajal, a senior, is part of the Academy of Finance. She was also first introduced to these competitions by her teacher Mr. Cruz, who teaches Diversified Career Technology. Cruz thought that Carvajal had the capability to do well in a competition, so he suggested the wonderful opportunity of competing for the Career Educations Club of Florida. After looking over different categories, Carvajal decided to sign up for the Fundamentals of Accounting written test. The test encompasses all the basic knowledge of accounting and finance. Carvajal plans to work hard in hopes of being successful in the future.

“I want to become someone in the future and study a career that I love, although I still don’t know what that is. Thanks to my family I am here and trying to my best to achieve that goal,” said Carvajal.

These two students are striving to be the best they can while dedicating time to their passion for finance. CGSH is definitely proud to have these hardworking students. Whether it’s in the halls or in the cafeteria, make sure to congratulate these two for winning these awards!