A Day in the Life of a Principal

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

When we, as students, get to school we go through our daily routine. Once we get to school, we go to all of our classes and stress out about all the homework we have to do and tests we have to study for. But ever wonder what a day in the life of an administrator consists of?

Our principal, Mr. Costa grew up in Miami and graduated from Coral Park High School. Often times people may picture the principal’s average day consisting of sitting in an office and reading emails all day. That is not the case at all. A principal’s job is one that requires a lot of patience and time. This job is very stressful, but has its rewards.

“My goal on a daily basis is to make sure that the school is safe and orderly in order to have a great educational environment,” Principal Costa said.

Many may think that a principal is someone who isn’t involved in any activities or school-related events. Proving them wrong, Mr. Costa can always be found at pep rallies getting the crowd hyped up. He also likes to get involved with the activities the students are doing. Any student can find him cheering on our Cavaliers at football and baseball games.

“This is my first year at Gables and I’ve been to a couple pep rallies. I always see Mr. Costa getting the crowd excited and having lots of fun on stage,” freshman Jasmin Valencia said.

When being in charge of a whole school, it can be difficult to manage everything. Some of Mr. Costa’s many goals in helping improve the school is to make sure students feel comfortable at Gables and help teachers with anything they need in order to make the learning environment better.

“By conducting walk throughs to meet students, and to see how teachers can use further assistance in the class room, it’s easier to be able to make sure everything is balanced,” Principal Costa said.

Although measures are taken daily in order to keep everything in place, surprises never cease.

“Every day is a new day, nothing is the same as it was the day before, so you have to approach everyday as a new one. You can prepare everything and make sure everything is perfect, but there are always surprises that pop up during the day,” Principal Costa said.

Even though the stress of being a principal can sometimes be a lot, Mr. Costa balances out all his work. He has been our principal for five years and has helped our school grow into an even better ‘A’ school. Taking all the challenges a day at a time, it’s easy to see that Mr. Costa is not your average high school principal.