Guy Code: Is he really “in” to you?


Screenshot- Sabrina Ochoa

Another sign that a boy may like you is if he texts you first to start off a conversation multiple times. He might even be bold and ask you out on a date straight away!

Sabrina Ochoa, Business Manager

A classic question that girls have wondered day in and day out since the beginning of time is, “Does he like me?” The question seems to be so simple, so why must it be so hard to figure out? There are many signs that the guy you’re pining for likes you back. The only struggle is finding out if those signs are true. In order to find the truth behind all these signs, I sat with a few boys to get the male perspective.

1. He smiles at you – If you catch your crush smiling at you, it is often seen as a sign of interest. Most girls see the guy they like smiling at them a lot (or smiling around them), and believe right away that he really does like them.

  • The truth is: “I think it depends on the personality of the guy. If a guy is naturally outgoing, that doesn’t mean that he’s interested. But in other cases, he may be hinting that he has feelings for you,” junior Nicolas Viglucci said.

2. He laughs at your jokes – It’s of popular belief that if a guy laughs at your jokes, he’s in to you. Most of the time, guys laugh at anything so it usually doesn’t mean he thinks that you’re funny. Unless it’s a joke that nobody laughs at.

  • Actually… : “I don’t usually hear girls crack too many jokes, so when a guy laughs at something a girl says in a positive way that definitely means he’s encouraging her to keep talking and playing around,” senior Javi Fernandez said.

3. He asks advice about other girls – Sometimes guys will seek a girl’s opinion on another girl, but it can also be taken as a hint to their crush. The guy may want to see if you will react jealously so that he will know that you like him too, or he may be trying to conceal his feelings for you.

  • Not going to lie: “It probably means that he has interest, but it definitely depends on the girl. For example, if you’re both close then it doesn’t really count, but if you’re acquaintances it may mean that he is trying to hint something,” sophomore Dimitri Bayard said.

4. He calls you on the phone – Some girls believe that if a guy calls you instead of texting you, it is a sign that he likes you. He may be calling you because he likes you and wants to hear your voice, or he may be subtly hinting that you should talk more to each other.

  • To be honest: “It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it is definitely a good sign. If the guy is calling then that means there might be something there. If the guy likes you and he calls you he will make up any excuse to be calling, so if his reason is totally stupid then he probably does like you,” junior Logan Morris said.

5. He calls you by a nickname – Guys usually make up nicknames for their friends, but in some cases guys may mean something more behind their little pet names.

  • Um… : “No that’s definitely not true. If you’re close to the girl then you might have a nickname. It just depends on the guy I guess,” sophomore Alex Elourtegui said.

6. He jokes about dating you – Usually, boys find everything funny. We all know that class clown who will do just about anything to get the room laughing, so don’t automatically think that if a guy makes a joke (even about dating you) that he is interested.

  • Let’s be real: “In my opinion, it’s specific to the guy and the relationship that [him and the girl] both have. If the two are best friends and he jokes about it then it’s possible that the guy may have more feelings for her, but it’s very unlikely. What people should really do is just say how the feel and not worry about social constraints. It’s highschool. We don’t have much to lose,” senior Elliot Blasser said.

7. He shares his iTunes playlist with you – Music is loved by just about everyone, and sharing what you love with people may be taken as a sign of interest. However, not every time a boy shares his music with you is a sign that he’s interested in you.

  • Honestly… : “That’s not really true unless you know a guy who is very like ‘don’t get in my personal space’ and he let’s a girl share [his] music [with him]. He probably likes her because he is willing to get out of his comfort zone for her,” sophomore Francis Robinson said.

There you have it; the truth behind that little signs girls go crazy about when trying to get their answer. Knowing whether the guy you like has interest in you can be confusing and complicated, but hopefully, with an actual guy opinion, finding the answer may be a little easier.