Quick Tips for Navigating the School

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

First days are never easy and due to the construction happening on campus, getting around to classes can be tricky. The construction has affected multiple walkways, lunch spots and parking. The difficulty of moving around campus can be avoided by taking alternate routes and knowing where you are on school grounds. The side entrances from the Riviera parking lot are blocked off, directing students towards the front of the school. Foot traffic has gotten more hectic than usual, especially since attending a school with over three thousand students is a struggle on its own. Getting through the year may seem impossible at this point, but here are a few pointers on how to avoid certain areas that are blocked and not get swept up in the immense traffic.

Quick tips getting around campus

In order to get to the 9000 building (new building), students must walk onto the teacher parking lot on the Le Jeune side, which will lead them to the other side of campus. The hallways are designed to prevent students from getting lost, as each department is in their own hallway. Finding your classes could be made easier by looking above the door ways. All hallways have class numbers for easier navigation so make sure to look around if you find yourself lost! The video above shows a quick glimpse of where classes are located in their specific hallway. This is helpful to students as they can clearly see where each department is located in the context of the school.

Being familiar with the new rules

Rules have been set in place when it comes to the 9000 building’s staircase. For a smoother transitions during block schedule the outside middle staircase in the new building will serve only in one direction, upwards. Getting down the new building is most efficient through the side stairwell at the end of the hallway, closest to Le Jeune Road. This stairwell will lead you to the teachers parking lot where you can access the other side of campus where many different classes are held such as English, Science, and Math. Exits are limited when it comes to dismissal, so all students should be leaving school from the front to catch their bus, access their car or get picked up by a parent.

It is an advantage that our school is very helpful with putting up directories and bringing same subject classes together, making it easier for the student body. After one week of figuring out where to find classes and how to best get there, it is surprisingly easy to get the hang of our new routes.  Construction has brought all the students together, feeling as if they were new to the school with a new setting and new rules. As construction progresses, rules and directions will change throughout the school year. Make sure to keep up with what is going around school in the future, as indications from the administration regarding getting around will change as construction progresses.