Self-Teaching: When Teachers are not Enough


Mariam Ahumada

Knowing how to self-teach is a very important and necessary skill.

Mariam Ahumada, Lifestyle Editor

The 21st century is the age of technology, so take advantage of it! Whether you need a chapter or lesson review, homework help or even just a refresher, the internet should be your go-to tool. No matter what, google knows the answer! Just be careful – while the internet can generate almost any correct answer, it also has incorrect information, so choose your sources wisely.

Google offers such a variety of sources, it makes researching so much easier. It’s also really useful when you want to see multiple perspectives on a topic to get a more unbiased view on an issue.

— senior Moira Meijaard

The New Teacher: YouTube

Whether it is math, history, science, or even English, there is a YouTube video teaching it. There are actual teachers and experts in these areas that get paid to make teaching videos, and the best part: they are free. Don’t waste this opportunity; make YouTube your back-up teacher.

The Best Studying Tool EVER Made: Quizlet

Quizlet is by far the easiest and most effective studying tool ever made. With features like flashcards, learn, spell, test and match, Quizlet provides you with everything you need to learn and memorize just about anything!

And That Math Tool: Khan Academy

Khan Academy. Everyone has used it, at least once. Created by Salman Khan, Khan Academy is a great math study site, that uses lessons, detailed steps and video to teach both struggling math students and advanced students looking to go further in their education. This tool covers a far range of topics and is super easy to use. In all honestly, we should all bless the day that Khan Academy was created.

Khan Academy is very useful for when I don’t understand something in class. I get the whole thought process from Sal Khan and I can use what I learned in class for the next day. I can always make sure I understand something through Khan Academy.

— senior Thomas Martinez

Now that you have this new skill, use it wisely; remember that cheating never gets you anywhere.