How to “50’s” at Homecoming

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

On Oct. 3, Gables will rock ‘n’ roll back to the 50’s at a sock hop themed homecoming where students can dress up and twist to the music, in socks. Luckily for those struggling to think of a 50s appropriate party, here are some pointers and ideas on what to wear.

A typical dress worn to sock hops in the 50's.
A typical dress worn to sock hops in the 50’s.

During the 1940s while World War II was going on, fabrics and resources were scarce, which meant women’s dresses were simple so that materials could be rationed out to everyone. After WWII ended, women began to sport ornate dresses with excessive fabrics since these materials were no longer a rarity. This boom in extravagant dresses is demonstrated by the increased popularity of large skirts in the 1950s. Additionally during this time, the “by trend” was a large bust, small waist, and voluptuous hips. To achieve this beauty standard, women started to wear dresses with a low cut neck line,  tight waist and puffy skirt.

  • Skirts & Polka dots: During such a time, teen girls were commonly seen wearing below knee length dresses and skirts. Try wearing something in pink, blue, or yellow, and don’t forget the iconic black polka dots!

    Do it like Marilyn Manroe with red lipstick and black eyeliner.
    Do it like Marilyn Manroe with red lipstick and black eyeliner.
  • Do it Red: There’s no going wrong when wearing red. Try to add red accessories to your outfit to try and brighten your clothes. Red lipstick, headbands or bandanas always do the trick!
  • Hair up, Curls Done: Wavy hair styles became a big deal during the 50’s for both girls and boys. It was a time when grease and perms were the style. Women both young and old had their hair short or up in waves or soft curls.

“I love the fifties, seriously everything about this decade is awesome! For homecoming I’m going to wear a dress with a fifties feel but with a modern twist. I decided to go straight to polka dots, which was a huge fashion trend back then. My dress is a polka dot black dress, but it’s not holster top or fitted” junior Salma Santos said.

  • Above are some examples of 50s hair styles.
    Above are some examples of 50s hair styles.

There were a lot of ways that a 50’s boy dressed, but the most known is that of a ‘greaser’. Nothing more than jeans and a leather jacket.

  • The "greasers" from the movie Grease.
    The “greasers” from the movie Grease.

    Blue Jeans, White Shirts, and Black Leather: Thankfully proven by John Travolta, all a man needs to live it up in the 50’s are blue jeans, a white shirt, and a slick, black leather jacket. Don’t let this limit you though, at dances men commonly wore black, grey or white duties with black collars, as well as plaid shirts; so feel free to avoid basics.

  • Bring Back the Rockabilly: Think Elvis. The most common hairstyle at the time was once called the ‘Rockabilly’. Men were often seen carrying combs and lots  of grease gel, and because of this it quickly became known as the greaser haircut.

    The typical hair style of the 50's is like that of Elvis Presley.
    The typical hair style of the 50’s is like that of Elvis Presley.

“I think dressing up for the 50s is actually cool! Considering the fact that we didn’t actually live in that time. It’s funny and interesting to see how our current generation interprets the 50s, and in a way try to make it seem like we were actually alive,” senior Tatiana Taylor said.

There are no limits to what can be worn, as long as it’s appropriate. Don’t forget that, without socks it wouldn’t be a sock hop!