Once a Cavalier, Always a Cavalier

Jaime prepares to score for the Gables soccer team.

Sabrina Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief

September 19, 2014

Throughout our lives, it seems we are on the hunt to achieve something: reach a goal, create a legacy or pursue happiness. Ultimately, our life's pursuit becomes entirely aimed at being remembered. Andrea Jaime, an alumnus from the Class of 2013, was very dedicated to her studies, athletics and community...

Her Day is Done: In Memory of Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou, a grand influence for current and past generations, will always be remembered.

Orestes Gonzalez, Photographer

May 29, 2014

Dr. Maya Angelou, a well known author who knew how to convey her words, was acclaimed worldwide as “the renaissance woman” for her poetry and inspiring words, along with her works in the art of dance and music. She spent her life as a poet, activist, and taught for 32 years as a professor of American...

A Tribute

Freshman Armani English: a friend, a basketball enthusiast, and a true Cavalier.

Sabrina Ochoa, Business Manager

April 28, 2014

As students roamed the halls of Gables on Monday, April 28, 2014, it was evident that there was an absence among the usual sea of Cavaliers. On Sunday, April 27, 2014, news fluttered across social media about the tragic death of freshman Armani English. Students of all grade levels rallied together on...

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