Athletes of the Week: September Edition


Coral Gables Cavaliers

The Athletes of the Week for the month of September. Pictured above: Ronald Parker (top left), Maurice Jones (top right), Kevin Monjarrez (bottom right), Thais Forbes (bottom left)

Athletes competing during the fall sports season have made grand impressions on their playing fields, and many of the Cavalier sports teams have already competed in several competitions this season, displaying immense heart to be the biggest challenge their opponents come across.  Several players have been recognized for their talent, leadership and dedication with the reputable “Athlete of the Week” title for the month of September.

Week of Sept. 1-8: Ronald Parker

Senior Ronald Parker has been playing football ever since he was seven years old. Parker was always very active as a child and, inevitably, his mom jumped on the opportunity to get him involved in football. It was only natural that he would join the Cavalier Football team once he made it to high school.

Since joining the Cavaliers, Parker has come to realize the importance of leadership inside the classroom and on the field.

Cavalier Football Team
Senior Ronald Parker in his football gear stands on the sidelines.

“I have learned that it is important that you take your academics just as seriously as you take the sport that you love. I make sure to listen to the advice my coaches give me,” senior Ronald Parker said.

During his last game, Parker had nine total tackles—eight solo tackles and one assist tackle. This feat was very impressive considering the brief amount of time he spent on the field. Parker unfortunately suffered an injury that would sideline during the last quarter of the game.

Week of Sept. 8- 15: Maurice Jones 

Sophomore Maurice Jones is a running back for the Cavalier Varsity Football team. His Athlete of the Week honors came after a strong performance against the Southridge Spartans, in which he passionately led the Cavs to victory. Jones threw for one touchdown and ran for two, successfully reaching the end zone twice. His final touchdown took the game into overtime and gave the Cavs an opportunity to win over the Spartans.

Week of Sept. 15- 22: Kevin Monjarrez

Senior Kevin Monjarrez has been on the Cavalier Bowling team for all four years of his high school career, having joined in the 2016 fall season. He has been bowling for seven years now, making evident that he found his passion at quite the young age. Since then, Kevin has shown his valuable leadership while competing with his team at the bowling lanes.

At the bowling team’s competition against the Southwest Eagles, Monjarrez led the Cavaliers to victory after averaging 202 pins over the course of three games, an incredible feat that left his team and his opponents in awe.

Week of Sept. 22- 29: Thais Forbes

Sophomore Thais Forbes found her passion for golf when she was in the sixth grade. She joined the golf team because it gave her the opportunity to be active in school and play the sport that she loves. After all of her hard work, Forbes believes that she has improved as an individual player and as a teammate, and she plans to take this mindset throughout the remainder of the season leading up to the regional championship competition.

Since joining the team, Forbes has grown very fond of her Cavalier Golf teammates and looks forward to growing with them.

“My favorite part about being on the golf team is creating bonds with players who share a similar passion for golf. All of the players are amazing and talented people, and I am happy that I joined the team,” sophomore Thais Forbes said.

Relationships and bonds aside, Forbes has undeniably displayed her prowess with a golf club, earning Athlete of the Week honors for shooting a 46 versus Ronald Reagan High School and a 44 versus Southwest, Miami Beach, and American.

The month of September has given the Cavaliers multiple displays of amazing athletes who use their voices to be leaders and use their talents to make their teammates better. These athletes exhibited their exceptional Cavalier sportsmanship during every competition, inspiring student-athletes on campus to strive for greatness. As the fall sports seasons come to a close, be sure to congratulate these Cavaliers for their athletic contributions and wish them luck into the playoffs!