Cavalier Bowling Takes on the Annual Youth Fair Tournament


Juliana Bonavita

The Coral Gables Lady Cavalier Bowling team poses for a team picture with coach Campagna.

Alexander Yagoda, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Another year, another bowling tournament. The 2019 Coral Gables Cavalier Bowling team got the ball rolling early with a dedication to hard work and practice to compete in this year’s bowling league. The team worked hard to be successful and stayed true to that goal, with both the girls’ and boys’ teams placing eighth in their league of 20 teams.

At the 2019 Youth Fair High School Bowling Invitational, our Lady Cavalier team placed eighth overall, maintaining their standing from the bowling league, while the boys’ team surpassed their previous league standing and placed sixth, jumping up two positions to come within a hair’s breadth of a podium finish.

“We did very well compared to the rest of the season. It was probably the best game that we have ever played,” senior Alejandro Mejias said.

Senior Kevin Monjarrez bowled a total of 611 points in three games, leading the team in points with his extensive experience in the great American sport of bowling.

Christopher Brazda scored his new personal best in a single game with 185 points, demonstrating the growth that the team has experienced through the course of this year’s season firsthand.

“I am glad guys on [the bowling team] have improved as much as they have. I taught them when they joined the bowling team, built it up from almost nothing. I am happy they have come so far, but they have still got a little way to go. Christopher could stand to curve the ball a little more and Coach Campagna could stand to have an average over 90, but I think we’re doing well,” senior Kevin Monjarrez said.

While he did not bowl in the tournament, the boys’ bowling team captain Lorenzo Diaz offered his advice and wisdom from the sidelines.

“As with most things that our class does, they lacked faith in themselves in the beginning. The reason this matters is because your state of mind directly affects the way you bowl. So once they started popping off, everything was going great and, even though tension was still high, we still managed to set a new personal record for our highest scored game and made sixth place,” senior Lorenzo Diaz said.

The general consensus from everyone on the team was that they were all very proud of their performances and hope to keep it rolling into their next tournament, the district championship competition.