Cavalier Bowling: Rolling into the New Season


Emily Kay and Allegra Sharp

Senior bowlers Julianna Goldfarb and Kevin Monjarrez look to keep their eyes on the prize during the 2019 Cavalier Bowling season.

Allegra Sharp, Staff Writer

An ambitious team with incredibly driven bowlers, the Cavalier Bowling team is aiming to earn the state championship title and improve their average of pins throughout the course of the 2019 season. The team has practiced substantially over the summer break and during the pre-season, aspiring to earn themselves a spot in this year’s state championship competition once again.

A few of the more experienced bowlers on the team are looking forward to spending time with the newest members of their team and with their senior friends. Over the summer, the team participated in a summer bowling league in order to better prepare themselves for the upcoming season and have fun while doing so.

The summer bowling league levels vary based on the amount of skill that is displayed by the specific bowler. There are many different leagues that the players can join, but as long as the player’s skill level matches that of their league, they will truly feel the impact that this has on their technique and overall average of pins.

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As cheesy as it seems, my favorite part of bowling has to be the friendships I’ve made. It is a really nice community that I never thought I would be a part of, but I am glad that I am in it.

— senior Juliana Goldfarb

The main purpose of the summer league is for the players to improve their skills and bond with one another over the offseason and the Cavalier bowling team did just that.

Senior Kevin Monjarrez has been bowling for seven years. As a freshman with a passion for bowling, Monjarrez decided that the only logical thing for him to do was to join the team during the 2016 fall bowling season. As a senior four years later, Monjarrez is still striving to be the best bowler that he can possibly be.

Monjarrez originally started bowling when he was little because his mom had yelled at his karate teacher. Once he realized that he would never return to his karate lessons, Monjarrez figured that he needed a new hobby. He has been bowling in his free time ever since.

Monjarrez is a very passionate bowler, having made it to the state championship competition during the 2018 fall season. He has had great experiences on the bowling team, improving every year and making new friendships along the way.

“My most memorable moment on the team was making it to the state competition last year with my good friend Stephen Campagna. It was something I had always really worked for and finally achieving that goal after five years was very special to me,” senior Kevin Monjarrez said.

Senior Julianna Goldfarb has spent significantly less time on the team, but she loves it just as much. She joined the bowling team in her junior year because of her involvement in badminton during the spring. She wanted to participate in a sport that took place earlier in the school year and did not conflict with her dedication to the badminton team. Some of Julianna’s friends that are on the team also convinced her to join the bowling squad. She has thoroughly enjoyed her bowling experience with the Cavaliers and looks forward to her final season.

“I am really excited to participate on the team this year since it is my last year on the team. It’s been an awesome experience so far and I am sure this year will be no different,” senior Julianna Goldfarb said.

With their goal clearly set in mind, the Cavalier Bowling team has been practicing vigorously to ensure that they earn their spot in the state championship competition. Whatever the outcome may be, we can rest assured that our Cavaliers will be showing up to practice and doing their best to improve where they can and support their teammates throughout the course of the season.