Athlete of the Week- Shamar Munroe

Junior Shamar Munroe helped lead the cavaliers to another victory.

Mr. Romero

Junior Shamar Munroe helped lead the cavaliers to another victory.

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

Junior Sharmar Munroe ran 91 yards scoring two touchdowns, and threw another touchdown which led the Cavaliers to a 56-0 victory.

Q: What position do you play and what is your jersey number?

A: I play quarterback, receiver, and free safety and I’m number 18.

Q: How long have you been playing football for?

A: This is my ninth year playing; I’ve been playing since I was six years old.

Q: Why did you start playing?

A: Actually, my mom had me try it out and I was pretty good at it so I just kept playing.

Q: How do you feel the Homestead game went?

A: It went well, despite the scoreboard. We still got a long way to go if we’re trying to win states.

Q: Do you want to play football after high school, and if so, what is your dream school?

A: Yeah I actually do. One of the schools I really want to play at is Baylor, and if not there then at TCU (Texas Christian University).

Q: What is your season goal?

A: Get better every week and win states.

Q: What are you currently doing in practice to better your game?

A: Taking advantage of every rep. One rep at a time, getting better with teammates and just bringing a positive vibe out to everybody.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A:I like eating, sleeping, and I like photography. I like taking pictures.

Q: What school did you come from?

A: Felix Varela

Q: Since it’s your first year at Gables, how are you liking it so far?

A: It’s pretty amazing, there are a lot of people out here. Amazing coaches, amazing teachers, I like it out here it’s great.