Athlete of the Week: Kelvin Morley Jr.

Athlete of the Week: junior Kelvin Morley Jr.

Athlete of the Week: junior Kelvin Morley Jr.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

In the week of Dec. 6, Kelvin Morley had an outstanding performance where he averaged 11 pts, 8 rebounds and 4 assists to help lead the Boys Varsity Basketball team go 3 – 0.

Kelvin was born in the Bahamas, however, he didn’t stay there long and was raised in Atlanta. He thus considers himself to be from Atlanta. Kelvin started to play basketball when he was in 5th grade. He started to play the sport in order to stay out of trouble. His success comes from practicing and preparing for the season. He says that he prepares for the season by working on all his weaknesses and improving them, even throughout the season. Kelvin says that he feels great to of had won AOW, and thinks that it’s a huge accomplishment for him.

“We do good some nights [and] we do great some nights. We always go out and play hard together as a family,” junior Kelvin Morley Jr. said.

Even though Athlete of the Week is a huge accomplishment for him, Kelvin is not going to get cocky. He says that he is going to stay humble and keep working on getting better everyday. Hopefully Kelvin and his teammates will keep up the good work and keep winning their games.