Athletes of the Week: Sofia Quevedo and Kristina Fernandez



Athlete of the Week: Sophomore tennis players Sofia Quevedo and Kristina Fernandez

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

This week’s athletes of the week are a sophomore duo that took on districts and hope to take on states victoriously, proving that individually they are strong but together they are near unbeatable. Individually, Sofia Quevedo and Kristina Fernandez performed in singles at Tennis Districts and helped the Lady Cavaliers win the District title, and later teamed in doubles to win and advance to the State Tournament.

Sofia Quevedo first discovered tennis at a very young age after her father put her into training when she was four-years-old. She has come a long way since then and has since won and placed at various tournaments. Quevedo has applied time and hard work toward bettering her skill and perfecting her tennis technique, something she used to do alone but now does with her fellow teammates at Gables.

“It’s fun because I’m so used to playing alone since tennis is a singular sport, so a team setting is a nice change. It’s also cool to be able to represent the school you love, especially up at states,” sophomore Sofia Quevedo.

Quevedo is also very thankful towards her team’s performance as of late, and satisfied with their preformance this year. This being especially because of the way that the team has managed with the loss of senior players.

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I think we’ve performed well, it’s hard because we lost six seniors on the guys team last year, but the girls won districts and hopefully we win regionals as well.

— Sofia Quevedo

Kristina Fernandez was introduced to tennis at the age of 5 through the motivation of her mother. Shortly afterward Fernandez found her own passion in competition and has applied herself to tennis ever since. This is also what drove her to join Gables’ tennis team, along with the opptomistic motivation of a friend.

“A former student by the name of Mirko told me that the team was like a family and that the coach Mr. Weiner was an outstanding person. And it’s true the tennis team is like a family, ” sophomore Kristina Fernandez said.

With little left in the season, both Sofia Quevedo and Kristina Fernandez have short-term goals to accomplish. They have managed to qualify for states after defeating rival teams at districts, and now hope that they can victoriously represent Gables one more time.

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We are Working our very hardest to hoping go far at states. We have a good girls team going up against the best schools and we have the shot of winning it. We are always staying positive and supporting each other no matter what.

— Kristina Fernandez

Both Sofia Quevedo and Kristina Fernandez have discovered a sport that their truely passionate about. They are in it to win it this year, and lucky for Gables they are on our side.