Gables vs. MAST

Cameryn Padron-Staff Writer, Rachel Hernando-Photographer

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On Monday, Oct.13, the girls volleyball team went up against MAST Academy for Gables’s last home game and second to last game in the volleyball season. Not only was it the last home game, but it was also a game dedicated to our seniors to celebrate senior night.

Senior night is a night where all the attention is given to the seniors to celebrate their final year here at Gables. The night was celebrated with a buffet of food after the game and each senior on the team was given a present that described her personality.

The first part of the game was a rough start for both teams – they were tied back to back. Impeccable serves were made by Erin Mccain that were hard for the other team to return, which gained the Cavaliers many points. Lauren Perna, a previously injured player who was out most of the season, was finally able to return to the court and give her all. Perna was able to perform amazingly with her hard hand serves and her high up passes.

“The game against MAST was bittersweet, because it was really fun, but it was my last home game. It was also really intense because we reached the fifth set so it could have been anyone’s game. However, we all gave it our best and [won at] our Senior game,” senior Francis Perez said.

After the first set, which went into overtime, Gables caught up and destroyed MAST – the second set ended with a score of 25-16. Many great sets were made by Francis Perez, who created the perfect line up for Mccain to spike down the ball and gain points for the team.

“I was really amazed at how well the Varsity team played against MAST. It really taught me a lot and gave me an idea on how to continue to beat them next year on varsity,” junior Raphaela Game said.

Finally, the Cavaliers put in their all and put down MAST, setting the final score to 15-6 for the fifth set. Sofia Toche, the libero, was able to return all hard balls and gave some wonderful spikes from the back row. The game ended 3-2, giving Gables a great victory on its last home game and leaving the crowd proud and relieved.

As the season slowly comes to an end, we begin to miss our varsity seniors and their amazing performances. The rest of the remaining team will strive hard and keep practicing outside of school to prepare for next year’s season.