Boy’s Soccer Season Ends Earlier than Expected

Teague Scanlon, Staff Writer

The boy’s soccer team ended their season on January 30 with a heartbreaking loss to Sunset in the Regional Quarterfinals. Although the soccer team has played in the District Finals and Regionals for the past three years, the expectations were different for this year.With only four starters lost from the previous year and 15 seniors on the team, everyone knew that this was the year to perform. Other changes at the beginning of the season included a new assistant coach, Eduardo Garcia, and the creation of a practice team, which would allow for real situation game play in practice and will build a stronger base of young players since there is no junior varsity team.

“We were confident that we would win Districts and make it to States, but unfortunately we didn’t meet the expectations at all,” senior Micheal Hernandez said.

With 12 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties in the regular season, things were looking hopeful for the very hyped up team. The boys beat South Miami and Reagan in playoffs, matching them up with the school-wide rival, Columbus, in District Finals. In a very intense and dirty game, each team received a red card, forcing both schools to play with a man down. With a score of 1-1 at the end of extra time, the game went to penalties, and Gables lost. Luckily, there was still a chance to go to States at this point, with Regional Quarterfinals against Sunset just around the corner.

Unfortunately, 3 of Gables’ starters were injured for the all or nothing game against Sunset, and it ended as a loss of 3 goals to 1. The season concluded with a record of 14-4-2.

Although a large portion of the team is graduating this year, with only 8 players out of the 22 man roster being underclassmen.There is already excitement for the next season.

“I think that next year we will do well because Coach Hudak prepared adequately for the upcoming years by creating a practice team. The players on this squad have been practicing with the team the whole season, so we’ll be able to step up next year when they are needed,” junior Pedro Gimenez said.

Even though the team was not able to win Districts and make it to States as they were hoping, they still had a winning season and maintained their reputation as a consistently skillful and powerful opponent.