Addicted to Trivia Crack?

Jake Paz, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

Release Date: Oct. 16, 2013

Cost: Free

Trivia Crack is an app that allows you to test your knowledge with various trivia questions, all while beating your friends in the process. This app, made by Etermax, is available on both the App Store and Android Market, so almost everyone can download it for free.

Some questions can be easy, others can be extremely difficult.
Jake Paz
Some questions can be easy, while others can be extremely difficult.

The questions on Trivia Crack are divided into six categories: History, Art, Science, Entertainment, Geography and Sports. The goal of the game is to get all six category characters, which are acquired by answering questions correctly and filling up the energy bar. The first player to get the six characters wins. When the user answers three questions correctly, he or she can either “Challenge” the opponent or try to get a character by choosing “Crown.”


The player that collects all six characters first is the winner.
Jake Paz
The player that collects all six characters first is the winner.

The first option, “Challenge,” asks both users six questions, and the winner is the user with the most correct answers. If the player that started the challenge wins, that player gets to steal a character from the opponent. If the challenged player wins, the player that started the challenge loses a character.

The “Crown” option is rather simple; the user just chooses a category and then answers a single question from that category. If they answer correctly, the player receives the character for that category and gets one step closer to victory.

Players must spin the wheel and hope it lands on a category they are good in.
Jake Paz
Players must spin the wheel and hope it lands on the crown.

The type of question a user receives is random, since it depends on where the dial lands. There might be six categories, but the wheel is divided into seven sections. The section with the crown allows the player to immediately “Challenge” the opponent or attempt to gain another character by choosing “Crown.” The addition of the Crown section changes the pace of the game and can help a player get back into the game if he or she is losing.

Since players are only allowed 30 seconds to answer a question, they must think quickly or guess and hope luck is on their side. If they feel like they need more time, they can spend one coin and get 15 additional seconds.

Another feature this app has is the “Question Factory.” Here players can come up with their own questions and if the majority of the community likes the question, it gets put into the game.

Trivia Crack is certainly fun and addicting. However, the game can get a bit annoying due to the frequent pop-up ads. Not to mention that the “Heart” system limits the amounts of games the player can start in a certain period of time.

The fact that users can play against their friends turns the game into a true competition. Trivia Crack definitely deserves an A rating since it provides the user with a fun and enjoyable playing experience for free.