A Guide To Valentine’s Day: Hopeless Romantic Edition


Sofia Felan

Need a gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Look no further!

Alan Morffi, Staff Writer

Love is in the air at Coral Gables Senior High. Students prepare to commemorate the affection and love they have for other students, teachers and faculty on Valentine’s Day. Clubs sell different forms for students to express their love, such as proposals for the holiday or serenades to charm your significant other. Whether it is not knowing what to get your partner or not having a partner, it can be quite the stressful day.

Though it is not discussed much on this special day, hopeless romantics are always the ones subject to feel the same pain every year. But, thankfully, this time you will have this guide to fall back on. A three-step guide to avoid unnecessary loneliness for all hopeless romantics right here, starting with step one.

On Valentine’s Day I will definitely be getting gains. After school, I’m headed straight to the gym and hitting a new PR (personal record),

— senior Justin Pujol

Avoid Listening To Sad Music
This is the most important step in today’s guide for hopeless romantics. Whatever you do, avoid artists like Frank Ocean and songs like Marvins Room. Not only do you want to avoid sad music, you also want to avoid love songs. Love songs will get you thinking about your crush or your ex-partner: that means no listening to Lover by Taylor Swift. You must do everything in your power to not think about what could have been especially on a lonely Valentine’s Day.

All it takes is one song to immediately shift your mood drastically. Do not let one song be the one to kill your mood on a day already prone to suffering. Some alternatives to replace your sad music include songs like Me, Myself, and I and Single Ladies. When in doubt, Beyonce will always be there for you, unlike your ex-partner or the one always popping up in your dreams.

Avoid Doing Activities By Yourself
When you end up alone on Valentine’s day, you do not want to spend too much time alone. Do your best to avoid activities like watching Netflix. When watching television, you will have too much time to feel lonely, subsequently entering a period of reminiscing that will cause a massive amount of binge eating chocolate covered strawberries. If you are forced to spend time alone, spend it trying something new. Perhaps, get around to riding your bike that has been sitting in storage or open up the intellectual book you claimed to have read: the possibilities are endless.val

“This Valentine’s Day I will be going home and immediately drawing. Art has always been a great hobby of mine and there’s no better time to use that hobby after Valentine’s Day,” senior Jennifer Urbina said.

Valentine’s Day and hopeless romantics do not go well with each other – clearly. However, exercise and hopeless romantics do. When you get home after school that day, take the stress off by going on a run or following along to a Chloe Ting video. Exercise is a great way to relax the mind and those endorphins will make your body and brain feel incredible after.

All in all, hopeless romantics should hope to get a date by then, however, be prepared to expect something no where near what you dream about; unfortunately, no dramatic kisses in the rain or love letters will be included. Still, in the worst case scenario of not having anyone, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day alone.