5 Healthy Habits To Keep After Quarantine

Here are 5 healthy habits that we should continue even after quarantine.

Ariana Alvarez

Here are 5 healthy habits that we should continue even after quarantine.

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that this pandemic will be over eventually and things will be back to normal for the most part. However, many people have used this time to completely turn their lifestyles around for the better. Here are 5 good lessons to take away from this period in quarantine and keep in your daily lifestyle after the pandemic.

Checking up on friends and family

A common habit that people have developed during COVID-19 is to check up on their loved ones. Whether it is to a friend or family member, people have started taking time out of their day to send a quick text or get on a call and catch up or just check in on one another. This habit has been a result of the physical separation between families and friends that COVID-19 has caused. While people will be able to socialize more after the pandemic, it is always important to sit down and take a moment to talk to those who are important to you. Sending over a weekly text to someone you may not see often or even telling a friend you appreciate them can mean more than you know.

Having a regular exercise routine

Due to COVID-19, many gyms and athletic facilities have had to shut down. Consequently, people have created their own exercise routines of workouts that can be done in the comfort of their own home or neighborhood. Having a continuous exercise routine that keeps one regularly working out has a significant impact in one’s life. It balances one’s life, boosts endorphin and serotonin levels and is a form of stress relief. For these reasons, it is very important for people to continue to have a regular workout routine even after quarantine is over.

Be aware of your physical and mental health

This pandemic has impacted lives arounds the world in a variety of different ways. People have learned how to read their own emotions and know when they need to take a break from whatever activity that is causing them stress. It is important for people to remain aware of their physical and mental health after quarantine because it is very easy to get mixed into something and forget to take care of oneself. Productivity may seem important in the moment, but do not forget to take breaks and to keep in mind that you are only human and you have limits.

I have become a lot more aware about my mental and physical health during quarantine. I have learned to make healthier decisions that benefit and improve them both,

— sophomore Johanna Medina

Taking a break from technology

Because of the physical barrier that the Coronavirus has caused, many have turned to technology to connect with others. While technology has been useful during this period of time, too much technology can cause a problem. Many people can get headaches, eyestrains, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pains, and endless more side effects. In order to avoid these problems, people are careful about not spending too much time on screen and taking breaks whenever they sense they need one. This is an important habit to continue even after quarantine because we often forgot to take breaks from technology in the fast paced, day to day lifestyle of pre-Coronavirus times.

Being aware of what is going on in the world

Throughout the pandemic, people have made it a habit to watch, listen and read the news, which is very good because it keeps you informed and aware of everything that goes on in the world. This habit is very useful and should be continued after COVID-19 so that everyone remains in touch with their immediate surroundings as well as the rest of the world. However, with this, maintaining a balance is essential because overindulging in and obsessing over news can cause mental strain over things out of your control. Like everything, it is important to do so in moderation to maximize the positive effects.

“Ever since quarantine started, I have kept up with the local news so that I will be informed about any new and important information about the disease. It has helped me keep in touch with my community so I definitely plan on continuing this habit even after this whole thing is over,” sophomore Brendan Groff said.

It is clear that COVID-19 has had a heartbreaking and everlasting effect on our world. With that said, many have also been able to turn this situation around and develop better habits and ways of living. These habits should be taken advantage of and continued, even after the pandemic has ended.