Summer Bucket List Before College

College will be a busy time so it is important to enjoy summer.

College will be a busy time so it is important to enjoy summer.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

Decisions have been made and most seniors know what college they will be attending. Summer is only two weeks away and seniors don’t know how to prepare for their first year of college. Although every senior wants to enjoy these last few months of freedom, there are a couple things they should do in order to not be overwhelmed during their summer before their freshman year.


Feeling overworked from your senior year is normal and the summer can be a time for you to decompress and enjoy your last few months before taking a step into the next chapter in your life. It is always fun to sit back, relax and hang out with friends. Worrying about college and what it’ll be like might just make you more stressed. This summer is a time to loosen up and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Even though I’m not leaving Miami for college I’m making it a point to relax and enjoy the company of friends before they leave. Senior year has been very stressful so, I’m excited about the summer and excited to start college.

— senior Julene Valmana said.

Get in Shape

The summer before college is a great opportunity to create new habits. The school year has been stressful between testing and applying for colleges but, this summer will give you a chance to focus on yourself and bettering your health. Taking this time and improving your well-being will make you feel more energetic and be more confident going into the next chapter in your life. You also don’t need to become obsessed with going to the gym either, small activities like going for hikes, bike rides or short runs can also help you get into shape.


Organizing your finances and your life, in general, is a must during the summer before starting college. Knowing your bank accounts and credit cards are all in order before starting school will save a lot of stress. Also, getting a calendar and marking down important dates and vacation times will be one less problem to have in August. Being prepared will only make the transition easier.

“I know the summer before my freshman year in college I want to be as organized as possible and want to enjoy my summer as well. I plan to go out of state and play football so being organized is important,” freshman Matthew Enriquez said.

Before beginning this new journey, these are things every senior should do. Brace yourselves and use the summer as a transitional period. Enjoy it while it lasts as things will begin to change faster than you know it!