Coffee vs Tea: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

Goodbye lazy summer day, and welcome back 5 a.m. alarm clock! The transition from summer mode to school mode might just be the most difficult thing in the world, especially when you can barely keep your eyes open due to lack of sleep. Luckily, help is only a cup away! One of the things that can really get your morning started and help jump start your day is a simple cup of tea or coffee. Both have tremendous health benefits and can give you that burst of energy you need to start your morning, but which one is right for you?

Let’s start with the basics: Both coffee and tea have different side effects to their energy boosts. Although tea and coffee usually have about the same amount of caffeine, coffee has a worse “depressing effect,” which means that much  like a “sugar crash” you’ll feel very tired afterward. Although tea can keep you going for longer, it is slow to take affect. Coffee, on the other hand, starts working instantly, giving you that much needed energy to jumpstart your morning.

“Coffee is necessary for all life! I drink so much coffee that there’s no room for tea in my life…or any other caffeinated beverage for that manner,” AP European History teacher Kathryn Landsea said.

The common ground: One thing coffee and tea do have in common is their variety of flavors. For coffee, there are different ways of brewing it with different types of beans, while with tea, there are always new flavors and combinations that have yet to be tried. Not to mention that they both have added health benefits which include preventing certain cancers and illnesses. In recent years, tea has been known to contribute to weight loss and detoxify the body, while coffee has been known to have more of a mental effect, keeping the drinker awake and alert. But keep in mind that adding creamers, milk, sugar, etc., to your coffee or tea, while enrich their flavor, might actually hinder their positive benefits.

“I think tea offers so much more diversity in its functions. There’s chamomile for sleep, green tea for metabolism and even just so many tasty flavors. I like coffee enough but only in moderation,” senior Caterina Viscito said.

Although both drinks have their benefits, drinking too much of either one could seriously harm your health. Drinking too much coffee could affect sleeping patterns and ruin your teeth, while drinking too much tea could create iron deficiencies and cause sleeplessness and restlessness. Instead of drinking either try changing up your morning routine and making your drink a little healthier. Replacing honey with sugar and using coconut milk instead of regular milk can really help make a difference in your mood, energy and how you feel throughout the day.