How to Build the Perfect Resume


Mariam Ahumada

A resume is nothing more than a little insight to what you have to offer. So, keep it simple and keep it HONEST.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

With scholarship deadlines around the corner, knowing how to make the perfect resume is key. Here’s an easy and simplified resume break down that will guide you from start to finish.

First things first: What is a resume? A resume is basically all your skills, experiences and accomplishments summarized in one document. It’s very important to remember that a resume has to be 100% honest. It is way better to be rejected than to be accepted and later discovered a fraud.

“I feel a resume has to be balanced. There is no single thing that values more important over the other. Most interviews and colleges look for well-rounded students that present themselves great, both, inside the classroom and out,” senior Karla Santoyo said. reseme1


  1. Where to begin? Simply add your name to the top of the document in bold, you want your name to be visible and strong. Then, right underneath, add your contact information, this includes your email, cell phone number, and address.FullSizeRender (6)Mariam Ahumada
  2. Component #1: Education This includes the high school your currently attending (hint, hint: Coral Gables Senior High School) when you expect to graduate and the diploma you expect to receive.resume1Mariam Ahumada
  3. Component #2: Experience Here you include the most basic of activities you participate in–as long as you have gained something from your participation. This could include community service projects, past/current job, clubs board positions, and much, much more!resume2Mariam Ahumada
  4. Component #3: Activities This part of the resume is where you list every club, community service project, or other out-of-school activity that you participate in. It is also recommended that you list underneath the specifics of your role in the activity. Each description should be written in passive voice, so remember to check and double check your grammar.resume2Mariam Ahumada
  5. Component #4: Awards & Honors Here is where you list all the awards and honors you’ve received. This can include being an AP Scholar, honor roll, and any of the end of the year awards you’ve received. Please don’t be discouraged if this section of your resume is short, it’s important to remember that having many awards is not what defines whether or not your a good candidate for the position you are applying for.resume2Mariam Ahumada
  6. Component #5: Special Skills This section might appear to be the most difficult, especially since it requires you to judge yourself rather than simply listing activities, but it’s actually very simple. Basically, list any skills you have, such as languages you speak, instruments you play and any other certifications you might have. Also, feel free to list any extraordinary hobbies you’re good at!

Writing a resume might seem like a very complicated process, but in reality, it is really simple. The whole point is to give a little insight to what you have to offer, so don’t over think it and be honest!