How to Overcome Senioritis

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer

The clock is ticking, and as the days go by, summer becomes ever closer. For some of us, we have to come back to finish our high school career; however, the seniors are counting the seconds until June 1. If you are one of those lucky seniors that are waiting with great anticipation to start the next great chapter in their lives, you can avoid senioritis by reminding yourself of your goals and your high school diploma, both necessary prerequisites to a successful post-secondary career.

“Senioritis is like where you are nearing the end of the finish line and those last few arrows you shoot them off and once there gone and you’ve done everything you could do its like a feeling of relief,” senior Stephan Chamberlin said.

Goals are a major reminder to what you want to achieve. Constantly reminding yourself of your goals is the main way to avoid senioritis. Senioritis can lead to the point where procrastination develops, and one completely falls behind in school work. Falling back in school work only jeopardizes your chances of graduation. Writing down your goals or constantly telling yourself what your goals are can provide motivation. These simple ways can banish your senioritis!

The diploma is the confirmation that you completed 4 years of high school. The basic thought of receiving your diploma should make you steer clear of your fellow peers’ senioritis. Settle down and do not let impatience tear you down! Taking on a procrastinating attitude and thinking your behavior is acceptable because your a “senior” is only putting your chances of graduating at stake.

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“When you[‘]r[e] a senior, procrastination is the main problem[.] [M]ost of us think [that] since we are in our last year of high school[,] we are finished. Truth is, we[‘]re not done until we can hold that diploma.

— senior Yzabella Hernandez

Don’t let 4 years of high school go unrecognized, and do not let senioritis take over! Remind yourself of what you want and why you have been waking up so early for the past 3 years. Make your priority to walk across that stage and hold that diploma and successfully say, “I overcame senioritis.”