5 Ways to Spread the Love This Valentine’s Day


Giovan Pena

How can you spread the love without stretching yourself too thin?

Long gone are the elementary school days filled with handmade Valentine Cards and shoebox mailboxes. However, that doesn’t mean the Valentine’s Day celebrations have to end before high school! Here are 5 ways to say “I love you” this holiday season:

1. Make a card: Cards are a quick way to tell someone how much you appreciate them. Whether you go the store bought route and add a little message (or let Hallmark do the work) or craft a card of your own, these Valentine cards are a cheap and heartfelt way to tell someone you care. You can even incorporate a gift into the message!

Say "I love you" with emojis. ???? ?? Here's the PDF.
Say “I love you” with emojis.
Here’s the PDF.

2. Bake some treats: Sweets are an integral part of Valentine’s Day. You can comb through the holiday sections at your nearby drug store or Target for a prepackaged snack or you can opt to make something homemade. From chocolates to heart-shaped cookies, food is a great way to show your love. Almost everyone loves food!

Homemade cookies are
Homemade cookies are a sweet way to show someone they are loved.

“This is the first time I’m celebrating it by going on an actual date; but, I always give treats to my single friends,” senior Natali Flores said.

3. Craft some gifts: Instead of going with the stereotypical teddy bear, make something special for your friends or significant other. Describe the 52 reasons why you love them using a card deck or make something personal you know your special someone will love. Any gift that demonstrates thoughtfulness is a guaranteed method to highlight your care.

Tell your favorite bookworm how much you...
Show your favorite bookworm how much you appreciate their interests with a bookmark. Find out how to make these here.

4. Go out: Go out and celebrate! Have a picnic; go to a restaurant; head to the mall; find a special place that will be the perfect spot to make fun memories. Many locations will have specials going on for the holiday. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden hosts a Valentine’s Day concert and picnic. It offers discounts to students with ID and children through 18 are also charged a lower price. If you are feeling fancy, Coral Gables restaurants including CRAVE and Seasons 52 have special menus on Valentine’s. Check websites like Shop Coral Gables that release special Valentine’s offers in early February. Here’s last year’s selection. Be sure to search up a great and affordable site to host your Valentine’s Day festivities with your friends or boy/girlfriend.

Arturo Saldoval, a legendary jazz musician, is a performer for Fairchild's event.
Arturo Saldoval, a legendary jazz musician, is a performer for Fairchild’s event.

5. Throw a party: If going out isn’t your style, plan something that takes place in the comfort of your home. Raid the dollar store or Target dollar section for cheap decor. For food, team up with friends to make some dishes potluck style.

All you need is some scrapbook paper or card stock, scissors, glue and string to make this DIY Valentine's day decor for your party.
All you need is some scrapbook paper or card stock, scissors, glue and string to make this DIY Valentine’s day decor for your party.

Though Valentine’s Day can be a stressful holiday, relax and try some of these inexpensive, but heartfelt gifts or celebrations that will leave a lasting impression!