Make Books Your New Hobby



Why not start the brand new year by joining a book club!?!

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest: vegetating at home and watching Netflix have become an unhealthy habit. It’s the new year, and most people made the resolution that this year will be different, but will it really be different? That’s what we say every year, and every single new year, we still keep the same old habits. Why not make this year different and join a book club? You can gain a lot of things from joining a book club, such as an increased vocabulary, a passion in reading, meeting new people, and augmenting the way you think. You can start your own book club with some friends, or you can join one of the following book clubs.

Our Shared Shelf Book Club 

There are many book clubs currently out there, but the one that is getting the most buzz is Emma Watson’s book club, Our Shared Shelf. The recommended books express some of the thoughts that she has been trying to put out in her work. In all of the seven books that she has recommended, she found a bit of herself. She is emotionally attached to those books and thinks that they are inspiring. If you believe that everyone should have the same rights and be treated equally, then Emma Watson’s book club is definitely the one for you.

Oprah’s Book Club

In this club, Oprah selects a book that she has read and has a discussion about it on her show. Oprah provides a number of online resources about whatever book she has picked, including discussion forums, video lectures of professors, discussion guides, and Q&A sessions with the author. You can join this book club for free at her website:

Discount/Commercial Book Clubs

This type of  book club is extremely popular because it’s an easy way of purchasing books regularly at a discounted price. Since you have to commit to a set number of books a month, this tends to work better with genre books because you already know in that case that the books are the type you like and you therefore know what to expect, given that the books all fall into a specific genre. However, discount book clubs are not reading groups and they do not involve discussions that are found in traditional book clubs.

Your Own Book Club

If you decided that none of these book clubs were for you, you can found your own book club. Creating your own book club isn’t a lot of work; just gather a few good friends and pick a book to read. Proceed to meet up a few times a week so you guys can have discussions about it. This type of book club is more on the traditional side. Prepare to make many good memories with your friends, because a book club can bring you guys closer than before!

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Book clubs are the key to a good read. We all want new books to read but we want good books! Book clubs are a great way to choose a good read and make friends. It’s always fun to have a good time with people who love doing what you love to do,

— freshman Alejandra Rivera

Even if you don’t like to read, you should join a book club. Book clubs will help you fall in love with reading, and you can also benefit from all of the good things reading books has to offer.