Must See Music Festivals of 2016

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer

Every music lover’s dream is to be surrounded by individuals just like them, with flashing lights and stages full of their favorite artists. Cheering crowds and jam sessions make for the perfect atmosphere for any music fanatic. Every state has music festivals; in Florida, there is the annual Ultra Music Festival (UMF), Okeechobee Festival, Holy Ship Festival and the Winter Party Festival.

“One of the best parts about living in Florida is the major variety of music festivals whether its electroic music festivals or even jazz festivals. Florida has it all,” junior Melany Zafra said.

People camping outside for the Okeechobee festival.
People camping outside for the Okeechobee festival.

UMF is one of the best-known music festivals in the world. Commonly referred to as “Ultra”, it focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) and it takes place in Greater Downtown, Miami Every year, UMF attracts around 70,000 ravers. Recently, a rule has been created that prevents minors from attending the festival. Unfortunately, if you are under 18, you will have to wait.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit Ultra before they made the age restriction, the experience was unforgettable,” senior Yzabella Hernandez said.

People at the Winter Party’s exclusive under one sun pool party.

In addition to Ultra, there is the Okeechobee Music Festival in Okeechobee, Florida. Just like Ultra, it will showcase EDM in addition to other genres. For those who enjoy a smaller crowd the Okeechobee festival is a perfect fit.

Holy Ship Music Festival is a festival that is on land and sea. It starts in Miami, Florida and travels to the Bahamas. While on the ship, attendees can enjoy a variety of performers. The Holy Ship blends the ship life and land life into one grand festival.

The Holy Ship Festival taking place in one Miami's Beaches.
The Holy Ship Festival taking place in one of Miami’s Beaches.

Finally, the Winter Party Music Festival is a six day festival that not only showcases music but also art. Art and music lovers unite in this unique festival.

Whether you are a rap, EDM or indie rock fanatic, there is certainly a festival for you. Unique festivals exist to cater to everyone’s likes!