Is It Time To Update Your Foundation?

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer

Are you unsatisfied with your foundation? Luckily the different types of foundations are endless, from drug store brands like L’Oreal to department store brands like M.A.C.

Have you ever gotten a blemish on your face or obnoxious under eye bags because you were awake till 3 am working on that essay for English? Fear no more of looking like a hot mess, and head to your nearest pharmacy or makeup store to pick up your perfect foundation to cover up those pimples or dark circles! Here are three of the most popular foundations running from the lowest to the highest price.
Not all of us have $50 to spend on a bottle of makeup product, and not all of us are so absorbed by the world of makeup. One does not have to be engrossed in the overwhelming world of lipsticks,contouring, and bronzers to want to put a tad of foundation on their face. For $15 or even $6 you could invest in a bottle of L’Oreal foundation (; your absolute life saver on those sluggish days where you wake up looking like you just finished winter hibernation!


Now, what’s truly the difference between the hundreds of foundations out there? You are paying for coverage, and for quality. Sephora itself is the best place to find any makeup brand your looking for Sephora does make makeup products that are conveniently branded, Sephora. Their foundations ranging from $16 to $24 (

When aiming towards the high end makeup products, you’re looking at a higher price but paying for much more coverage and quality. MAC foundations range from $33 to even $60  (

“MAC is my favorite foundation because it gives the most coverage,” sophomore Cinthya Garcia said.

When choosing your foundation, it’s based on your skin and what your expectations are. Some foundations can help your skin when referring to pores and exfoliating your skin. Other foundations can just irritate your skin. Choosing your foundation is based on knowing yourself and your skin. Applying your foundation can be done with brushes or even a beauty blender. So now it’s really time to ask yourself, is it time to update my foundation?