4 Ways to Flirt

Kelsy Pacheco

Flirting can be difficult, especially when around your crush, but these tips might help you finally accomplish being in that relationship youve always wanted. #goals

Thomas Martinez

Flirting can be difficult, especially when around your crush, but these tips might help you finally accomplish being in that relationship you’ve always wanted. #goals

Kelsy Pacheco and Bhargavi Pochi

If you ever watch a nature documentary, you’ll notice how various species of animals have different courtship rituals. Despite popular belief, humans have their own courtship practices also known as flirting. From pick up lines to romantic gestures these four tips are sure to get you the guy or gall of your dreams.

“I always felt bad because I could never pull off the winking and the hair flipping, but the flirting technique that works for me is to playfully hold eye contact with a guy for a few seconds like I’m interested and then slowly look away,” junior Maria Ordoñez said.

1. How to flirt with smoke signals

Who ever thought fire could help you out so much? All you need is some paper and some matches to be able to communicate your undying love. Make sure you invent a code with your crush so that way there are no misunderstandings. First you need to set up a mini fire (with adult supervision of course) and wet towel ready at hand. Hold the blanket over the the fire and let the smoke build up under it, then release the blanket to send up a puff. Keep the conversation short and terse and make sure to end with arranging a place to meet up at.

2. Have a wingman/ wing woman help you out

If you’re to shy to go talk to your crush by yourself, ask a friend to come with you! Make sure to ask one of your good friends to come with you, you do not want some one you barely know standing there all awkward trying to come up with a conversation starter. With a good friend there, they will be able to say amazing things about you and help you out if you get stuck. Be sure that your wingman/ wing woman does not do all the talking, your crush may end up liking them instead of you!

“I usually tend to be very straightforward with my flirting. If I like someone I’ll usually try to befriend them or just have one of my friends who know them give little hints that a certain someone likes them,” junior Amanda Lopez said.

3. Pickup lines

One of the most classical ways to hit on someone, pickup lines. Since the beginning of time, both guys and girls have used pick up lines to start a conversation with someone. Usually, this works maybe 30% of the time because pick up lines are very cliche. But, here are some pick up lines to help get that first conversation going with your crush:

-Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

-Good thing I brought my library card, because I’m checking you out!

-Are you from Florida? Because I want you to Kissimmee.

-Excuse me do you have a bandaid? I scraped my knee falling for you.

-I think you’re suffering from lack of vitamin me.

4. Discreetly flirting

If none of the above options work, try flirting from a distance. Try stealing glances of your crush during lunch, in that hallways or whenever you can. Try making small talk whenever you can and engage them in a conversation, your crush does not want someone who is dry and arid. Try making them laugh every now and then, everyone loves someone who can make them laugh and brighten their day.

“Sneaking in small compliments is always nice, like saying “you look really nice today” or something like that, over a week or so, after I was already talking to the girl,” junior Thomas Martinez said.

Some of these tips might fail but your crush might laugh it off and just give you a chance because of your failed attempt. Remember, everyone is different, there is no surefire way to get someone like you. But no one ever died trying to flirt!